Triangle UFO Videotaped over Bristol Motor Speedway, TN, 03-27-06
A witness called AUFORC on 3/27 2006 at approximately 22:00 hours reporting that he had just videotaped a triangular shaped object near the Bristol Motor Speedway.

We asked the witness to bring us a copy of the tape, and he did so. Attached is a still grab from the lengthy tape.

The object was taped from Hwy 394 facing SW and began at an almost horizontal level, showing the very bright object hovering at a great distance. In awhile, the object began moving toward the witness and the lighting configuration became quite familiar, three extremely bright lights arranged in triangular fashion.

The object quickly passed low overhead the witness who was still taping. No sound was emitted from the object whatsoever although the sound of the witnesses signal light and other highway sounds are distinctly heard on the tape. As the object passed overhead, it quickly and unnaturally sped off beyond the horizon.

After reviewing the entire tape several times we conclude that whatever this object is, it is not a conventional aircraft.

Kim Shaffer Director, AUFORC

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