Unknown Object Photographed over Bursa, Turkey, 06-17-06
The UFO Casebook received the posted photographs today from a gentleman in Turkey. He requests anonymity.

I've taken attached photos yesterday evening just before the sunset. I was watching the sunset and I saw a strange little cloud far away. My camera is Nikon D50 with Nikon 70-300 lens.

There was another one also, that was a little on the right and below, closer to the horizon. It seemed like it was farther away from the one in the photo I've posted earlier.

I took the photos in Bursa, Turkey (southeast of Istanbul). There were 4 of us sitting in the living room which has a good view of sky. Then I saw the trails and showed them to my wife and children, aged about 20, then took the photos.

I've attached the photo of the other object I've mentioned. I didn't send these in the first place because I couldn't see that one with naked eye and the photos are not that good either.

We saw two aircraft that had exactly the same trails but I couldn't fit them in one photo since there was quite a distance between them and they were also far away from me. I had to zoom. I sent the photos of one in my first mail and of the other one after you asked.

(Editor's Note: The darkened object in top right of photo 061706c is more than likely a bird, although I cannot be 100% sure about this.)

A big thanks to sender for report and photographs.


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