Unknowns Photographed over California

Upon getting the camera for a picture of the moon, hanging low in the southwest that evening, I noticed a strange light hovering about 2 o clock from the moon. Barely floating within a sphere with a diameter of a centimeter from where I was watching from my deck.

It hovered there for about 10 minutes, then it moved in a southwest diagonal direction and then did a sharp, quick, left pointing check mark movement heading upwards at a 45 degree angle fading out quickly like a shooting star. I thought it was a star or plane at first, but immediately could tell that it was neither.

I guess bewilderment as to what it was was what I felt.

Then I wondered if it would come out with the digital camera, Sony DSC P-30. The first shot was taken at 1:11 am, the second at 1:18 am, and the moon shot was taken at 1:24 am. Then I ran down to get my sig other, excited as to what I saw, but she wouldn't wake up.

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