Triangle of Lights Photographed over Canada, 11-25-06

Canada-11-25-I was just finishing dinner when I decided to step on my apartment's balcony for some fresh air. The balcony faces the east and that's where I saw the lights. The time was about 8:30-ish, I didn't really pay attention. First I thought they were lights from the factories beyond the horizon, but I as I looked, they were moving.

One of the lights was moving left and right. The formation was coming towards my direction, there were blinking lights on either side of the light, red and blue. At first I thought they were airplanes, but when they got near, I didn't hear any jet engine noise, and it was awfully quiet for a propeller driven plane (usually you can hear a Cessna flying even if they are in the clouds).

When I saw them with my binoculars, I tired to look for the distinguishing shape of an airplane fuselage, but it was hard to see in the night sky. I was a bit stunned and surprised after seeing them (never thought I'd see a UFO in my lifetime!!). I lost sight of the lights when they passed over my apartment building.

Anonymous, MUFON reports

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