Unknown Object Photographed with Helicopter in Canada
Hi BJ, I have another picture to share with you. I first must bring to your attention, that black, unmarked helicopters have made their presence around where I work in Scarborough. They have been seen hovering for 15-25 minutes from different points of direction from work, at about 1 mile away. I have even been followed by one (twice) last year 2005.

I travel from work in Scarborough, to Oshawa, Ontario (45 kms approx.) trip. Even when I have stopped in Whitby,Ont. for gas and in a variety store. The chopper awaits couple hundred yards away, hovering at about 500-1000 ft high.

Once back in the car and driving on, the chopper follows me right to my door in Oshawa. I can only speculate that I'm under some sort of surveillance from the air, Cessnas included. All you can do is wave and move on. I have two pictures of a black helicopter, near my place of work in Scarborough. The date these were taken was on Sept.27, 2005, after 3:10 pm while on break.

I wanted to bring your attention to the small, round black object under the helicopter. I don't think it is a bird! So I question. Who is following who? Just an observation with the aid of pictures. Take care, as there is more to follow your way.


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