Our newsroom has just received a bulletin from the Spanish Canary Islands. The eyewitness is an Italian national and has sent in the following report:

"My name is O.U. and I live and work on Lanzarote. Only a few minutes ago, when the local time was 18:20 hours (19:20 Italian time), my secretary stepped out of the office and saw a strange sphere with a luminous orange surface and called me outside to see it. The event lasted about one minute. Another object in the sky, with a long orange tail, followed an even higher trajectory.

An airliner in flames? I don't think so and nothing was said on TV. A metorite? It could be, but the trajectory of the object flying above the first one does not lend credit to this theory.

(B J's note:) Canary Island is the location of one of the most celebrated UFO / Alien encounter cases on record. 1976 The Canary Island Alien Sphere




The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

(Special thanks to Federico Dezi)

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