Alien Abduction Experience of Carolyn Z.
UFO I have been searching the web to find someone who can hopefully understand and relate to what I'm about to share with you. I'm Carolyn Z., married, mom of 4 children, living in the Huntsville, Alabama area.

I have been abducted, visited, examined (I try not to use the word abduction because it scares people) all my life, my youngest memory was when I was 7 when I got the implant and tissue samples were taken.

My children now have to endure this. They are 14, about to turn 11, 7, and 6. My "about to turn 11 year old" is the one who has urged me to find someone who I can at least discuss this topic with.

Saturday night she went to sleep as usual wearing the clothes she had worn that day (I've given up on getting her to change into her night clothes, its a moot point).

She was wearing the usual shirt and jeans. Sunday morning she ran to me shaken up because she had woken up not wearing her jeans and she had looked everywhere for them and they were missing. She said she had a dream that confused her, some loud music blaring and lights flashing, and then she woke up and noticed her jeans were gone.

I have looked everywhere in her room and in the house, every crack and crevice. I've searched every plausible explainable end and found nothing. I accepted the truth (what I believe the truth is anyway) quickly because when I was pregnant with this same child of mine, I had a dream of being abducted, examined and returned.

I had gone to sleep that night wearing a pink maternity shirt and woke up wearing a grey work shirt that neither me or my husband owned or had ever seen.

It's very easy for me to pretend that this doesn't go on until you wake up missing clothing that you wore to bed.

I've somehow passed this on to my children and I know that... I just would like to know why. Kaitlyn (the child in question) took my explanation very well, I was honest with her about our family and how we constantly see UFOs and reminded her of several instances throughout her life.

I told her about my instance with the shirt in 1996. All she wants to know is when she will get her jeans back. Go figure... she is 11 and is all about her wardrobe right now.

She's a normal child, artistic, intelligent, intuitive, very stubborn and willful as the day is long but what child her age isn't? My mom and her sisters used to see UFOs too growing up. We have an idea where it stems from but aren't 100% positive.

My grandfather (mom's dad) used to work for NASA and van Braun in the 1950-60's designing the first rockets and satellites. He was a brilliant thinker, could memorize thousands of pages of nothing but consecutive 1's and zeros and then burn the written copy and use that information to program the first room-sized computers.

For some reason he was mysteriously promoted to the Pentagon in the 1960's, right about the time frame of when my mother says she started remembering seeing UFOs. My grandfather was assassinated in 1972, we believe by the government. He just knew too much.

I have seen my own implant on X-ray. When I was 21 I had to have an X-ray of my left elbow (why they decided to put it there I will never know). The doctor who looked at my X-ray showed me the film. He turned on the bright X-ray light on the wall and shoved the film up into its holder and asked me what the metal in my arm was.

It is very tiny, probably no more than a 2 millimeters in radius. It's not round either, more like rounded edges on a triangle. The doctor asked me if I had ever been shot with a BB growing up, I said "no."

He asked me if I had ever had an open wound there, I said no. (I do think the doctor had a feeling of what it was, and was seeking validation from me, but that was just my gut feeling). I simply told him, after catching my breath and sitting down, that I had a feeling I knew what it was.

He seemed anxious to know, but I just shook my head and begged him not to ask me because I was sure he would think I was crazy. That was the implant that I had remembered all those years, of the "dream" where I was taken and put on a table, and what I would call very tall greys (not what people think of as Roswell small ones), were taking samples from me.

I remember from my eye, a needle going in and also my teeth, the top of my mouth. When I was 32 my dentist (who was new to me, doing an initial once-over to establish his baseline of the health my teeth) said "well, now this is interesting. It looks like someone took a tiny ice cream scoop and just scooped out some of your tooth behind one of your two top front teeth."

And with that, I rolled my eyes and didn't say a word. I asked my mother later on when I got my permanent top teeth in the front, she said I was 6 or 7.

I remember parts of things later on. My most vivid memories are while Im asleep. I am currently seeking out a local hypnotist to retrieve something that happened just two weeks ago during broad daylight while I was driving. I'll see if I can express this clearly.

You know how you have two pieces of a puzzle and they are supposed to slide together smoothly in order to see a picture that has no obvious dividing lines in it? OK, when I was driving home from Redstone Arsenal (army base near Huntsville where I go twice a week for class) something happened that caused me to just black out while driving, yet I didn't wreck or even stop driving.

It normally takes me 20-25 minutes to get home from there and somehow I got home in 11 minutes. Not missing time, but condensed time.

When I look back on it, all I remember is driving, but there is a rift in between driving, and driving.

The missing fragment occurred on the same road as before it began. I don't think I bypassed any part of the road, just drove thru it quicker?

I'm seeking hypnosis hoping that whatever I am shown will fill in the blank rift.

I would like to know how one person can experience something on a road filled with cars and no one else know what is happening, but I'm sure I'll find that out.

Thank you,

Carolyn Z.

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