The Carp, Canada Case (The Guardian) Part 2

The Carp Case - The MUFON Ontario Version - Part 2.
(Credits: March, May & July 1994 issues of "THE MUFON ONTARIO NEWSLETTER")

*The following morning, Graham Lightfoot, Oechsler and his son met and drove to the Labanek's home at Manion Corners near Carp, Ontario. Graham reintroduced himself and asked Diane Labanek if she remembered him. "Vaguely" she said, and then remembered their conversation about a bright light that had headed towards the swamp at the bottom of her field back in 1990. *When asked if she had seen anything strange since then, she described an event that happened in their field. It seems she was putting her children to bed one night in August 1991 and something caught here eye from the second floor bedroom. *Labanek described seeing what she thought was a fire, or perhaps flares burning at the far end of the field behind the house and as she watched, a 'craft' landed next to the fire/flares. "After a few minutes, maybe five or eight, the very bright lights on the craft went out - just like you turn off a light-bulb. And soon after, the flares went out. Then some minutes later, a helicopter came and hovered over the area - like they were looking for something" she said. *When she was asked later why she hadn't called the fire department about a 'fire' burning in her field, which was tinder dry in the August heat, she replied "I didn't think that anyone would believe and I thought I'd get into trouble!" *On Oechsler's next visit to the Labanek's, she was asked to draw what she had seen. She drew a craft that she described as being silver/grey, with a zigzag design around it, sitting on three blocks which, coincidently, matched a drawing that was in one of the Guardian packages (see MUFON Ontario Newsletter, Volume 1.1, page 14) - a drawing that she maintained she'd never seen. *Labanek was able to see an object and details that were over 2200 feet away in the dark and brightly lit from the bottom up. Guardian's video camera, which was closer, couldn't see the 'thunderbolt insignia' around the 'craft' or the three 'blocks' beneath the craft. The video clearly shows the 'craft' to be red and not silver/grey.


*In the version of Guardians video that was sent to CUFORN, the Canadian UFO Research Network, the last three frames show a windshield with the wiper blades in an upright position. Why would Guardian put those frames that appear to have been shot at night with artificial light, on the tape? Were those frames designed to give a clue as to what the craft really was? *In the course of one of many discussions between the investigators, Tom Theofanous asked Oechsler what he thought about the windshield footage on Guardian's video. Oechsler replied that it wasn't a windshield but rather the design on the side of the 'craft'. Tom asked how he'd come to that conclusion? Oechsler replied "Well there's Diane's evidence together with my expertise in analysis - that's how." *Oechsler had once again brought up his 'qualifications and expertise', which he seemingly did and still does at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, Oechsler's qualifications on the subject of windshields were definitely non-existent when compared to Tom's - he's been running a windshield repair company for the past seven years!


*Oechsler and Graham went out to the field after their first talk with Diane Labanek. The previous night, at a restaurant, Oechsler had claimed that he had found the 'landing site' and now insisted that they look for 'evidence'. He spotted an area of grass that had been "dug up during the landing". Graham, who works for the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, patiently explained that skunks caused that kind of damage while looking for grubs. *Oechsler's biography touts his experience in dealing with the UFO phenomenon and his expertise in 'field work', an expertise not on display that day. "He seemed not to know what he was looking for or anything much about country nature" Graham observed later. *Oechsler's inexperience continued to make to show as he pointed to vegetation that had "been treated with microwave radiation"! How did he come to that conclusion without using any instruments? "It's very dry and brittle, so it's obviously been irradiated" Oechsler said. * *The 'irradiated' plants were Juniper bushes that always look that way after a Canadian winter - bleached, dried and flattened by heavy snow, probably in much the same way as in Maryland, Oechsler's home-state . *Graham and Oechsler continued to examine what Oechsler was convinced was the landing site. He then asked Graham if he had anything to put samples in. Graham thought that it was extremely odd that an investigator of Oechsler's 'calibre' would show up with no sample containers and handed over some empty film canisters for Oechsler's samples.

*On returning to Labanek's house later that day, Labanek told them that her husband Bill had "gone for milk" at around 10:00pm on the evening of the 'landing' and had missed it. Bill Labanek had been doing a 'milk-run' on the night in 1989 when there had been a 'crash' in their swamp. *He didn't seem to be at all concerned about what had transpired on his property on either occasion. He didn't bother to take the time to go look at the spot which his wife said had been a 'UFO landing site'. *Diane Labanek claims to have gone only part way into the field the day after the 'landing', looked briefly in the direction of the 'landing site', didn't see anything, and walked back to the house. *She had told no one about what she saw that night until Graham and Oechsler asked her about it. *Why didn't she walk the remaining couple of hundred yards to where this 'amazing event' took place? She says that it was a beautiful summer evening too. *That evening Graham called Tom in Toronto and recounted the days events. They discussed Oechsler and his amateurish approach to the investigation and observed that a pattern seemed to be emerging. It seemed that Oechsler was incompetent, egocentric and attempting to steer the case and its facts to fit in with his own agenda.


*As a follow-up to Diane Labanek's assertions about helicopter activity following the 'landing', Investigator Drew Williamson called the Department of National Defence (DND) on May 12, 1992. He was told that the military held exercises every August using helicopters and that they had to get permission from landowners for the choppers to land in their fields. If an emergency were to arise and a helicopter had to land DND would pay compensation for any damage caused. *On July 12, 1992, Graham made a number of calls to various military establishments to get information on helicopter activity. He was told that they don't use flares during landings at night, but do use Chem-Sticks that glow in the dark. Captain Mark Bigoutte said that although choppers were on exercise on August 19, 1991, they were many miles to the west of Manion Corners. ** *** *On July 14, 1992 Oechsler arrived back at Graham's place and the next day they went to Uplands Royal Canadian Airforce base and showed Colonel Cajo Brando and Major Norm Patterson the Guardian video - over and over.

*Colonel Brando didn't think it was a helicopter and when shown a photograph taken by one of the Labanek children of a Huey Helicopter that Diane Labanek maintained had 'buzzed' their home after the 'landing', he said, "It's not one ours, they were decommissioned (taken out of active-service) two years ago." *Brando suggested that it may have been an American chopper that had come across the border without notifying Canadian authorities - something which, apparently, happens often. *Later that day, Graham and Oechsler returned to the Labanek's and collected some fifteen soil and plant samples from the supposed 'landing' site. On a radio call-in show, March 30th '93, Oechsler claimed to have collected "over a hundred samples from all over the area"! UNSOLVED MYSTERIES

*Oechsler, in a conversation with Graham and Tom expressed interest in getting the case on the 'Unsolved Mysteries' tv show, feeling that it might flush Guardian out. Tom countered that it might be better to further investigate the claims of the 'witnesses' before giving the case national tv exposure. *What neither Tom nor Graham knew at the time, was that Oechsler had already gone ahead and made a deal with Unsolved Mysteries to shoot a segment on the Carp Case in the fall. *** *In the following three months preparations were made for the shooting of the 'Unsolved' segment with Graham received many calls from and eventually met the tv show's Bob Kiviat and Bob Wise. **** *Oechsler flew into Ottawa in mid October 1992 with the 'Unsolved' crew and interviewed Major Patterson about the Guardian 'Documents'.

*Graham, feeling as he did about Oechsler's 'slant' on the case was very reluctant to appear on the show and it took many calls from various production people to eventually talk him into appearing. *On November 15, 1992 participants in the Carp segment gathered at General Assembly for the taping. Graham met Bruce Macabbee for the first time and, to use his words, "was not very impressed." He put his contribution 'in the can' the next day at the Labanek's.


*In the course of a meeting on November 19, 1992 Graham learned that a man named Andy Williams claimed that he knew who Guardian was. Graham and Oechsler arranged to meet with Williams the next day in Ottawa. Andy Williams explained that a friend of many years, Bobby Charlebois, had an on-going interest in UFOs and had called himself 'Guardian' over the course of those years. He went on to give details about Bobby Charlebois and his 'interests'. *Oechsler, inexplicably, gave Andy Williams much material regarding the Carp case. *On November 22nd, Graham discovered that a co-worker knew Bobby Charlebois well - his sister, Meg had dated the Guardian 'suspect'. Graham talked with Meg and she confirmed that Charlebois was an avid UFO buff and had discussed the phenomenon on many occasions in the past. *Despite having signed an 'exclusive' with Unsolved Mysteries to not do another show until 30 days after their 'airing' of the Carp Case, Oechsler records a segment for 'Sightings' in January of 1993 without telling Graham until after the fact. *Interestingly, Dr. A.J. Quarington a 'witness' participates in 'Sightings' after refusing meet or even discuss the case with Graham and Clive Nadin (the former Director of MUFON Ontario) in the early stages of the investigation.


*On February 1, 1993 Oechsler and Graham meet with reporter Lois Tuffin, who also knows Bobby Charlebois well. Oechsler asked her to deliver a large package of UFO material to Charlebois in the hopes of getting his fingerprints. She did so, but the package was returned to her an hour later. *The following day Oechsler collected the package from Lois and took it to the OPP (Ontario Provincial Police) to have it checked for fingerprints. There were none and the feeling was that Charlebois had out-smarted them, wiping the package clean. It seems that Charlebois has something to hide. *Diane Labanek, on hearing Bobby Charlebois name said that she had known him "for a while" and that he was a good friend who visited often. *Oechsler asked her to try and get Charlebois' fingerprints from any drinking glasses that he might use. Labanek claimed that Charlebois always wiped them clean.

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