The Carp, Canada Case (The Guardian) Part 3
The Carp Case - The MUFON Ontario Version - Part 3.
(Credits: March, May & July 1994 issues of "THE MUFON ONTARIO NEWSLETTER")

*On February 4, 1993 Graham and Oechsler went to the Labanek's where Leanne Cuzak interviewed Bob Oechsler and Diane Labanek for CJOH-TV, Ottawa. *During this interview Labanek claimed that "a lot of others had seen the event that had transpired in my field". She didn't, however, seem to recall any names and in talking to many residents in the Manion Corner area, MUFON Ontario has not been able to find any other witnesses to the 'UFO Landing'. *During the CJOH-TV interview that day Oechsler also claimed that he too had received a large number of calls from 'witnesses'. Graham wasn't aware of any calls to the Labanek's or anywhere else other than a few to Oechsler's hotel.

*Later that day, Graham Lightfoot and Oechsler met with a couple of high school girls in Almonte, a short drive from the Labanek's. They had called the Unsolved Mysteries Hotline, which again Graham wasn't aware of, to report that they knew who Guardian was. The name they gave wasn't Charlebois'. Oechsler told them who Guardian was. Oechsler, despite avowing not to, was blowing Guardian's cover'. *On February 24, 1993, Labanek told Graham and Oechsler about a sighting that her mother had the previous week. Her mother had seen a 'craft' hovering "not fifty feet from the house" but was too scared at the time to call out to anybody. *Later Labanek claimed that her husband saw a 'craft' around the same spot as the August '91 sighting. There were no explanations as to when or if there were any traces of this second 'landing'. *Apparently, neither of these 'incidents' were of interest to Oechsler and he has only mentioned them very briefly since and only in passing!

*If these two events were 'real' why wouldn't he have investigated them too, instead of making such a fuss about the 'evidence' that he'd found nine months after the August '91 'landing'? Labanek's mother's and husband's 'experiences' would have surely produced more witnesses and ground effects?! *Labanek has constantly complained about being harassed by 'low-flying' helicopters that blew shingles off her roof. When close neighbours were questioned by MUFON Ontario investigators about any low-flying choppers they might have observed, they only mentioned the regular Air Ambulance flights that passed overhead and the occasional military or Mountie aircraft. Not one mentioned choppers flying at unusually low altitudes - below the regulation five-hundred feet.

Carp 1

Still Frame from Video

*At the time of describing her mother's 'sighting' to Graham and Oechsler, Labanek told of a white helicopter that passed over the house the following day. Subsequent investigation showed that it was a NATO aircraft on a training-exercise and that it too would not have been flying below the standard five-hundred foot level. *Due to the proximity of the Labanek's neighbours it would be impossible for a helicopter to fly low enough to blow the shingles off one house and not be noticed by the residents of neighbouring houses.

*Labanek had told Graham that she knew nothing about UFOs, nor did she care about them or talk about them with anyone. And yet, when the Unsolved Mysteries show was being taped at her home, one of the 'grips' on the crew setting up a scene (in which Guardian was mailing a video) in Labanek's basement recreation room, found "cupboards containing many UFO books".

*On February 28, 1993 Graham wrote the following to Bob Kiviat, *producer of the Unexplained Mysteries segment on 'Guardian'.

* * **Bob Kiviat, Producer

**Cosgrove/ Meurer Productions

*Dear Bob,

**No doubt you've heard from Oechsler that there has been *another sighting at Labanek's... on Feb 17th '93. It was *Diane's mother who saw the event at 11:10 pm, very close to *the house. She was so frightened that she didn't call to *Diane and no one else saw it. She said the craft was right *over the garden which means it was within 50 feet of the *house. It hovered there for a short while and moved south *over the swamp, in the direction that the 1989 'crash' light *was seen. It came back beside the house and then moved off *out of sight over the swamp. She described it as having a *flashing light on top and lots of light all around it. She *pulled the curtains from the window, but didn't wake anyone *else in the house. The next day a white helicopter arrived *and flew over the same course.

**Oechsler may or may not have told you he is working *with the RCMP in trying to get Guardian's (Bobby *Charlesbois) fingerprints. He tells me he is trying to get *the RCMP to charge Bobby with a minor charge of forging DND *documents to scare him into an admission. This is contrary *to Oechsler's stated intent to Bobby, of not disclosing *Bobby's identity if he wished to remain anonymous.

* **I am trusting you to keep my comments to you in **confidence from Oechsler as I will no doubt be working with **him again on this case. I have no problem working with him **at arms length, but his methods and rather chaotic behavior **bothers me. He has told me that he wants to set up a **24-hours a day, two week watch at the the Labanek's since he **feels the sightings will re-occur in the near future. He **has no funding for this operation and told me he will seek **help from your company in this regard.

* * **This may all be a good idea, but my feeling is that **these things will run their course, with or without 24-hour **surveillance. In fact I'd hazard a guess that the event is **less likely to occur with surveillance. * ***I've heard through the grapevine that the 'expert' on **the Sightings show claims he doesn't know who Oechsler is, **never met him. It seems Sightings showed the tape to this **'expert' and he said he didn't know what it was. Also **MUFON is distancing itself from Oechsler after their **credibility suffered with the Gulf Breeze story. It seems **Oechsler wants to speak at their annual meeting and they **don't want him there.

* ***Oechsler has a lot of background information and he **certainly has a lot of contacts that are invaluable in doing **research of this nature. He is persistent in looking for **evidence, yet at the same time he often tries to build a **case to fit his preconceived story line.

* ***This bothers me.

** ***We have talked about his ego and wanting credit for **everything he learns. That's OK by me. In the Labanek **case he used a lot of material that I got for him. The show **implied that he found Labanek's place from the Guardian map. **He could have spent weeks looking for the location on his **own.

* ***But what bothers me the most is his tunnel vision, that **only he can find the answers.

* ******- Graham Lightfoot

* *On March 4, '93, Oechsler phoned Graham to boast that he had asked the RCMP to apply pressure the Guardian suspect, Bobby Charlebois, by charging him with forging Department of National Defence documents. *In actual fact, the only way the RCMP would have paid any attention would have been if a formal complaint was filed by a Canadian Citizen. *What Oechsler didn't tell Graham was that a complaint was lodged by the Labaneks who told the RCMP that they were being 'harassed' by helicopters flying over their property, below the 500 feet minimum set by the Federal Government. *March 8, brought a call from Labanek to Graham. She complained about being 'harassed' by the RCMP. She said that they tried to get her to sign a 'confession' ( her word ) that craft she saw landing in her field on the night of August 18, 1991 was a helicopter! She also claimed that Bobby 'Guardian' Charlebois was also being 'harassed' by the Mounties and had hired a lawyer.

*Graham, at the time, was convinced that Labanek was telling the truth and felt that something should be done about her complaints. He called Charlie Greenwell at CJOH-TV in Ottawa and suggested that perhaps the station could cover the story on their local news. A report aired three days later on the 6 O'clock News. *CJOH-TV's news item infuriated Oechsler. On March 29, he blasted Graham for giving the story to a TV station. This puzzled Graham - why would Oechsler take exception to him helping Labanek expose RCMP harassment?

*What Graham didn't know was that the complaint to the Mounties was lodged by the Labaneks, apparently at the urging of Oechsler, to increase the credibility of the Carp Case. * A censored copy of the RCMP report on the case, obtained by Christian Page of The Mutual UFO Network (MufoN) in Quebec, told a different story.

*The Labanek's complaint was actually filed with the RCMP on February 10, 1993! The purpose of the investigation was to:

[Quote from RCMP Report ]

*1.*ascertain if sufficient evidence was available to support a **prosecution under the Aeronautics Act, Section 534 (2) (b) **for flying below 500 feet

* *2. *ascertain if in fact the object observed was an aircraft

* *3.*ascertain if the craft observed (by complainant) is a UFO **(as per complainant).

[End Quote]

*The investigation by RCMP Constable De Haitre, started on February 15, 1993 with interviews of the Labanek's neighbours.

*De Haitre found that signs bearing the words 'Defence Canada', 'Killing Fields', and a 'Test Area' sign with a hand-painted tank and 'Air-Wolf' helicopter on it had been seen in a field that later proved to be owned by the Labanek's. Const. De Haitre observed in his report that the lettering-style on the signs was similar to those in the Guardian documents. *Constable De Haitre was told by one of the Labaneks neighbours that another sign had the word 'Nuclear' mis-spelled as 'Nucleear'. *Oechsler then directed his energies toward De Haitre and Canadian Airforce Major Patterson - which created more confusion. *Oechsler told Constable De Haitre about finding Titanium at the 'landing site' in the Labanek's field and showed him some of the photographs that he had taken. He also told De Haitre that there were no traces of Strontium, which there would have been had the flares at the 'site' been of the military 'high-heat', type.

*Later, in the February/March issue of UFO Library Magazine, Oechsler wrote that he "had the smoking-gun in the pyrotechnical mystery". He now claimed that there was evidence of Lithium Carbonate which is not used in military flares, but rather in "expensive fireworks displays" (or perhaps in roadside emergency flares?). Fireworks that, of course, can be purchased at any 7-11 Store. *Isn't it strange that he would wait a whole year to tell the world the results of his 'tests'? *Oechsler had results of a test that refuted his completely baseless theory about military flares being used at the Carp 'landing site' and didn't publish them for over a year? *And what did he do during that time? He travelled the lecture circuit making money telling people that the flares were definitely military in origin because of the strontium residue that he didn't find at the 'landing site'! *Oechsler tried to cement his relationship with the RCMP. He told Constable De Haitre about his 'witnesses' and his 'analysis' of the Guardian video and suggested that Bobby 'Guardian' Charlebois be charged under the 'Fraudulent Cheque Act' for distributing forged Government documents (the 'Canadian Department of National Defence' documents). De Haitre concluded that no charges could be laid.

*De Haitre investigated Oechsler's claims about Titanium and Strontium flare-residue and included the results about the circumstances under which they could and could not be found and where, in the final RCMP report on the case. * Several conversations and correspondence occurred between Oechsler and Constable De Haitre, all of which the Mountie, naturally, recorded in his notes on the case. *MUFON Ontario has recently acquired a 150 page package of De Haitre's notes and correspondence from Oechsler to the RCMP. This package will be published shortly, as an appendix, in The MUFON Ontario Report on The Guardian Case.

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