UFO Videotaped over Cave Creek, Arizona, 06-07-05

This is one of many videos shot in Cave Creek, Arizona looking towards Anthem on June 7, 2005. These lights are amber golden colored like the Phoenix lights orbs and I do believe they are connected and there will be more videos coming to prove that theory.

I shot the video and I also have tons more video yet to be released. I was living in Cave Creek and spent most of my hours on the roof watching for UFOs and I started filming them every night since then and now I'm finally starting to release some of the footage...the video was filmed on Cloud Road just 1 mile north of Carefree highway.

I was facing West towards the town of Anthem owned by Del Webb and just beyond Anthem are the Hieroglyphic mountains and they seemed to be in that vicinity. No wind that I can remember and there is some more video in that same area that seems to show that the object/objects seem to be covered then uncovered...like the sky is opening up...inter-dimensional maybe?

Joshua M. Ruckstuhl

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