Crop Circles Phenomenon in Poland
July 2006-In July 2006 many crop formations appeared in Poland, some of course of doubtful authenticity or even apparent hoaxes. Information revealed here are limited mostly to preliminary reports and presented cases needed further investigation. Amongst reported crop circles some turned out to be hoaxes [i.e.: Borek, Walily and Zlotowo formations]. Any other ones haven’t been officially announced as hoaxes although there are serious doubts toward some of them. But it must be said that due to lack of possibilities, not every one circle was thoroughly examined.

June and first days of July 2006 passed without any reports about crop formations. At the time being, the crop circle appearance cases concentrate themselves mostly in the triangle consisted of three regions: Pomorze – Wielkopolska – Kujawy ; only a few appeared in southern of Poland. What is also interesting – many circles appeared in places where they have been reported in the previous years. On the day this report was being compiled, there weren’t still any crop formations in Wylatowo [where it appeared in previous years] but investigators settled in that place allegedly registered some other observations, including UFOs.

One of the most interesting formations appeared in Makowarsko [woj.Kujawsko-Pomorskie]. It appeared on a field belonging to local Parszuta family [formation coordinates: 53*23'55.80" N, 17*49'10.07"E] and was discovered on July 13th. It is located about 100 m. [333 f.] away from Bydgoszcz - Koszalin road. Due to the terrain features the formation wasn't fully visible from the road but despite of this fact, it drew attention of many curious visitors.

Makowarsko Crop Formation

At the time of evaluation, stalks were mostly trodden by visitors and several paths leading to the formation were discovered. It made the evaluation of the stalks bend place impossible.

Some still standing stalks were noted amongst the lay. The formation composed of many elements performed with precision. Repetitive elements are of the same dimension. The lay is directed rightwards.

Any UFO observations and similar phenomena weren't noted although someone passing by the field allegedly could hear some strange sounds and murmuring. Some slight discrepancies in circles were noted, i.e. the lay center in the circles wasn't parallel with its geometrical center. On the entire field and as well in the direct vicinity of the formation, there were relatively small areas of natural laid crop.

Measurements taken with Geiger counter didn't detect any anomalies. Radioactivity inside of the crop circle wasn't exceeding that of the background. Local media picked up the subject. According to gathered information, Makowarsko formation is one of the most interesting and complex ones that appeared in July 2006 in Poland but it was hard to establish its authenticity. Another Polish crop circle appeared probably about July 9th 2006 in Mianowice, again in Wielkopolskie wojewodztwo. The circle is composed of 3 circles connected together with paths [1 m. wide]. It appeared about 9th June and wasn't destroyed yet in a day of its examination and registration [July 14th 2006].

Crop circles in Mianowice

It is located about 150 m. from state road #8 [out from Kepno toward Warsaw]. The crop circle appeared here also in the previous year and the witnesses saw nocturnal lights before its appearance. At this time there are no witnesses.

The circle appeared in barley-oat mix field. In one of the circles the stalks are green and they're rising up. Almost all of the stalks are bend near to the ground. The circle rims are even, without any protuberances, although dozen of places with depressed stalks were found about 0.4 m. from the edge of the circle. Big, untouched particle of soil was found and next to it there were stalks bend near the ground surface. No magnetic anomalies were found.

Then Dr Jerzy Szymanski, a renowned researcher, released information about another crop formation located in Swibie. This crop circle appeared on an oath field probably in the middle of July 2006. According to the source it is hard to establish if the time elapse, visitors or miserable workmanship caused the bad condition of it.

In many places the stalks rose up. It isn't possible to evaluate the ground condition due to drought that harasses Poland. Stalks are broken mainly at the ground level.

Swibie Crop Formation

The formation is located about 100 m. from a state road #8 and it isn't visible from the road. It consists of 9 circles connected together. Their diameters vary from 6 to 10 m. It is about 150 m. long and covers almost the entire field.

On July 19th 2006, Dziennik Zachodni released information about crop circles in Piekary Slaskie: "It is the 2nd visit of ET or people of extraterrestrial abilities on a field in vicinity of the Liberation Mound in Piekary. Three crop circles were noticed during the weekend [16th/17th July] by Piekary inhabitants admiring the landscape from the Liberation Mound. If Aliens will keep up with the frequency of their visits on the field belonging to one of Orzech inhabitants, UFO would become one of the city symbols, beside the Mound or Basilica."

Crop formation from Piekary

"Aliens paid their first visit in Piekary over a year ago, in early August 2005. They arrived and immediately began spreading destruction. At first the harvester that drove on the field broke up and several hours after that, Volkswagen Golf of the field owner colleague who went to investigate the evidence of ET intelligence on his own, burnt down on the field."

"Andrzej Kowlolik from Orzech who cultivate the ground under the Mound, learned from Dziennik Zachodni that crop circles had appeared again on his field"

"I don't believe in UFO, but it must be said that circles from the previous year were made with precision and there weren't any other marks around them' - Kowolik said."

"2005 Crop Formation was composed of perfect circles of various dimensions, linked together with narrow path. Each of the circles was composed of four quadrants with stalks precisely laid in one direction. This time the circles are located in a different part of the field but also are linked together, creating a different pattern."

"I'm only afraid of trips of curious [onlookers]' - Kowolik said. In the previous year the field was invaded not only by Aliens but by curious people who arrived there with camcorders and cameras to document the first evidence of UFO activity in Piekary." Another one crop circle appeared overnight in vicinity of a hospital in Siedlce, probably also in mid-July and drew considerable attention amongst the hospital patients and the staff. It is composed of several circles. Unfortunately there are not any other details.

Siedlce Crop Formation

Another one circle appeared in vicinity of Bolko Island kayak harbor in Opolskie wojewodztwo probably on July 12th and the witness allegedly saw some anomalies accompanying it, as strange lights etc. Crop formations appeared there two times in the previous years.

It isn’t known whether Poland had been chosen for a place of these manifestations, assuming that crop circles in similar amount were noted only in neighboring Germany. In other countries of Mid-Eastern Europe crop circles are less intense. Besides, harvest time has just begun and it isn’t known how long this phenomenon would remain active in this country, in the heart of Europe. Additional information pertaining presented cases will be published if only new details emerge.

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