Object in Chemtrail Videotaped in Tyne & Wear
Tyne and Wear near the city of Sunderland-Last night (July 17th 2006) I witnessed a very strange occurrence. I was outside sky watching at 10.06 PM, when I suddenly noticed an aeroplane with a Chem. trail behind it to the northwestern sky. I usually monitor and record Chem. trail activity so I began to record with my camera.

Then suddenly out of nowhere this strange light appeared to come down from the trail and appear just below it. The light then appeared to get brighter and I could make out the object I was seeing was orange in colour and then the strange light went upwards and it could no longer be seen but I am sure it was still there.

I kept on seeing little flashes across the sky and at some points I could see objects flying around and at one point I even noticed the object was in the actual trail of the plane. I am positive it was not a Plane, Helicopter, Satellite or Flare. I have seen all four of these and this object looked nothing like any of them for one Planes and Helicopters cannot move in those amazing ways neither can flares or satellites.


Sam Willey

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