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Unknown Object Videotaped over Chile, 2005
Chile Video-11-20-2005

My name is Rodrigo Barraza and I'm from Chile. I was watching a program on the History channel, about UFOs, and I saw the name of MUFON. Last year, on November, a couple of friends and I filmed a very strange object, flying over our city. I'm attaching a 35 second video (we have over 35 minutes of footage, if you like, I could send you a DVD with 3 or 4 minutes of footage, since we have been advised not to hand out freely) for MUFON to watch and analyze.

We really have no idea of what it could be, perhaps a balloon, or perhaps something else. We have shown the film to video experts and nobody has been able to explain what it is. The Chilean National Aeronautic Direction has told us that they have no record of any flying machine over the area at the time of the filming, they also said that the object does not meet any safety regulations required for all planes.

I hope you find this video interesting and don't hesitate to contact me in case of any questions or doubts (and if you find out it's a kite or something as mundane, please tell me as well, so we donīt keep telling our friends we have a real cool UFO video!!)

The first time we saw it was from our apartment window, around 8:00 PM, the object was flying over some mountains to the coast, it seemed really big, since the mountains are over 50 kilometers away from our apartment and the object was BIG. Then it started to descend and fly over the city, it "blinked" and it appeared to have its center hollow or invisible.

As it started approaching some buildings, it began to "shrink". Then it started to glide over some buildings not 5 kilometers away from our apartment. Suddenly, it shrank and sort of disappeared behind a tall building.

About 30 minutes later it reappeared from the same spot and flew towards the mountain again, then to us, back and forth for about 20, 30 minutes and it disappeared behind some buildings again. It did this for over one hour, we did not have more tape to keep filming (Sony Camcorder miniDV). Oh, it had two big lights in what appeared to be the front of the object.

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Video, Photos, & Report © Rodrigo Barraza

additional source: www.mufon.com

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