Chile: Chilean Army Discloses Pilot-UFO Encounters
UFO Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

February 8, 2007-DATE: 02.08.07

Captain Rodrigo Bravo recounted the experiences of several pilots with unidentified flying objects during an international conference on the subject, presenting videos and photographs **

07:45 a.m. - the Chilean Army, during an unprecedented event, disclosed last night a series of sightings and encounters between military pilots and unidentified flying objects (UFO).

Captain Rodrigo Bravo, with authorization of the Army Command, took part in an international discussion of the subject, held in the resort city of Viña del Mar, in which he disclosed "spectacular" experiences in various parts of Chile.

Bravo presented videos and photographs during the meeting while discussing the encounters that pilots of his branch had undergone in the past 10 years.

Chile, with 15.5 million inhabitants, ranks fifth in the world when it comes to the highest number of UFO sightings, after the United States, Peru, Brazil and Russia.

Over 600 sightings have been recorded in this country, particularly in the northern region, over the past 60 years. This area has also been the scenario for cases considered startling, including "CE3K" -type contacts with extraterrestrials.

The Army officer recalled that on April 2, 1997, in the city of Arica's Chacalluyta airport, the pilot of a T-212 figthter aircraft witnessed an elongated orange object in the sky for nine minutes.

Another incident of similar characteristics took place in early 2000 in the southern region of Los Lagos, while three military helicopters flew by in broad daylight.

"The crew members witnessed an object on the ground that swiftly rose to the same altitude as the aircraft, positioning itself in front of them, almost on a collision course," said Captain Bravo to an audience that saturated the facilities of the Viña del Mar municipal theater.

He added that the unidentified flying object vanished at high speed after engaging in zig-zagging movements.

Subsequently, on March 18 of that year, in the locality of Graneros, some 70 kilometers south of Santiago, the crew of a military aircraft claimed having seen an elongated, lead-colored object that took off at high speed after having flown beside them.

"All of these cases are certified by the Comité de Estudios de Fenómenos Aéreos Anómalos (CEFFA), the best suited in Chile for this type of research," added the military man.

Rodrigo Fuenzalida, director of the Agrupación de Investigaciones Ovniológicas de Chile (AION), told EFE that having the Army's cooperation sets the example for mature behavior on the part of "this institution, which consented to open its files and have them subjected to serious scrutiny."

Fuenzalida maintains that all that is needed now is for the Government to assume a similar posture and support the opening of these files, which has occurred in such countries as Brazil.

UFO sightings "are no longer a novelty" and experts claim that 60 million people worldwide have witnessed this phenomenon, although only ten percent of these experiences are made known, due to the fear of being ridiculed.

(translation (c) 2006. Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Ing. Marco Reynoso, Fundacion Cosmos, A.C.)

Source & References: and EFE news agency

Chile: UFO Videotape Causes a Stir Nationwide
UFO Date: 02.08.07-Raul Gajardo Leopold's latest video recording, in which he claims that his son picked up an unidentified flying object over Angol in the first few days of February, was seen throughout the entire country after the video was aired during a newscast on the Megavision network.

According to Gajardo, this recording was made in the "El Mirador" district of Angol, and the UFO phenomenon was witnessed by four other people besides himself after 11 p.m: his son, Raul Gajardo Torres, who made the recording; Ulises Benavides Vega, and Ricardo Rojas and his 14 year-old son, Ricardo Rojas Aedo. Raul Gajardo noted that the UFO was seen for over a minute at an approximate distance of one kilometer and 200 meters over the Pino Huacho sector to the northeast of Angol.

The ufologist added that the UFO was a large, orange, cylinder-shaped object -- similar to a pencil -- that lay horizontally in the sky, having a whitish light at its core. He further added that they could clearly see reddish dots on either end, and that two smaller spherical objects were launched upward and downward at a given moment.

The researcher also added that it is possible to see several UFO phenomena on a daily basis, within a 3-hour observation period. For this reason, he says, "I believe that we are at a peak period, because only two could be seen in October and November. Now on the other hand, we can see many more."

(translation (c) 2007. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nunez, IIEE)

Source & References:

Diario Renacer (Angol, Chile)

Chile: UFO Reported over Downtown Villarrica: Witness Accounts
UFO Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology

February 8, 2007-DATE: Thursday, 02.08.07

The community of Villarrica is stunned by the sighting of an unidentified flying object on Tuesday morning over the city’s downtown district. The sighting took place at 0700 hours on Tuesday (02.06.07) while a group of workers waited for the bus at the Rural Terminal and vendors for the International Fair set up their stands for the day’s displays. They looked up to the sky to see an enormous object that hung in the air above for nearly 5 seconds. The situation was such that all are in agreement over seeing a large UFO, and that the object was also pursued by other yellow lights at the same time over Villarrica.

The Witnesses Speak

Luis Obregon was one of the first to see this UFO. According to his account, it was after 7 a.m.. “I was waiting for the bus with some friends to get to work. At that time we saw a giant light in the sky, orange in color, with several lights behind it. All of us who were at the Terminal saw it.” The appearance of this UFO at the intersection of Matta and Vicente Reyes streets left everyone astonished. “I was staring at it and couldn’t believe it. It was a large vessel with very powerful lights. Behind it were some 15 smaller lights that glowed brightly. It was evidently a UFO because it was broad daylighta and that was the only thing in the sky,” added Obregon.

But he and his friends weren’t the only ones to see the craft. Workers for the International Fair of Native Products, operating two blocks away from the bus station, also saw the craft. “I was with my father and we were going to the countryside to look for stuff. Then we saw something in the sky that we at first took for a flare, but that was impossible at the time. It was an orange-colored craft with several lights, that remained sort of parked in the sky and then fell,” said young Andres Gutierrez. The 15 year-old says that while he felt no fear, he was impressed by the object’s speed and its quick movements in the air. “It was a fast ship with powerful movmenets, like a comet or a flare,” he said.

Another worker, who preferred to remain anonymous so as to avoid problems with his co-workers, saw the craft at that same time. “It was after seven o’clock in the morning, perhaps 7:10, when I was off to take the bus. That’s when I saw the UFO. It was a huge ship and it stopped right above us. Before that, I wasn’t much of a believer, but after I saw it, I had no doubt that there is life on other worlds.”

But this wasn’t the only case. Even the community of Quino, 5 kilomters from Victoria, was buzzed by a UFO that caused consternation among locals.

(translation (c) 2006, Scott Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Raul Nunez, IIEE)

Source & References:

Diario Austral de Temuco

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