Cigar-Shaped UFO Videotaped over Phoenix, AZ

How's it going? I got something on video by accident today and I want to share it with you and anyone else who cares. Just when I think it can't get any better something new happens that makes skywatching fun again. Not that it isn't fun but it can be grueling if nothing shows up, like fishing.

Living in Arizona the winters are like most state's springs but at 6am it still gets to 43 degrees which is cold for us thin blooded Phoenicians. That brings me to the sighting I had at 6:22am today. As you know I have been taping balls of light or glowing objects for quite some time but every now and then I will get something on tape that's out of the norm.

While taping one of my glowing balls of light this morning I noticed through the view finder of my camera a light streaking right past the ball of light I was already taping. I thought it was a shooting star and I even yelled out loud that I got a shooting star on tape for the first time but it wasn't.

I am sending you the video clip which I broke down into slow motion, freeze frame and zoom. The white object in the frame is the glowing ball of light I was taping when a cigar shaped object entered from the upper right hand corner at an incredible speed.

There is no trail like a shooting star would have it's just a cigar shaped object. The software I use to transfer the video to the computer uses 30 frames per second. The object was going so fast that the video is a little choppy, not as clean as it looked on the television. If I had software with 60 frames per second transfer rate I am sure we can get more detail. Nevertheless...

Since this is a first for me I thought you should see it so I can get your opinion as to what this may be. It's not a plane, that's for sure! I don't think it's a shooting star either because I see them all the time and they all have a debris trail to some degree. Am I wrong on this?

I feel confident that this is one of those cigar-shaped UFOs.

Hope you have a great day.

Thank you again,


Phoenix, Az.

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