UFO in Photograph from Saint-Tropez, France-2005

Chance UFOs in France Photography sent by investigator Christian Mace' Cogolin, near Saint-Tropez, France.

"...the photo: I took it from my terrace from Cogolin, on the 29th of September of 2005 at approximately 18:00 hours."

"On that occasion I was taking photographs of the clouds, it was windy and there were no airplanes in the sky, neither helicopters, nor birds."

"When I uploaded the images to my computer, I discovered two things that could be UFOs".

"One is in the middle, with ovoid form and the other is spherical, to the right of the image."I later took other photographs for my controls... I captured the image of a helicopter , and it does not look like the UFOs. "There were no insects or anything on the lens of my camera."

source and references:

Photograph © Christian Mace


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