Commentary on UFO disclosure: by Richard M. Dolan
UFO I doubt that disclosure will come from America’s political establishment. But there are always other countries. There are always the aliens. The truth is already here; it’s simply waiting to land.

After all, what exactly are the secret keepers protecting? Let’s see. Power, wealth, control, their plans for the future, access to information, underground bases already built, the status quo. But there must be more. How about communication with aliens? Worm hole technology? Access to our genetic code? Or any number of technologies that we have not even begun to discuss openly in our society.

Remember the statement of an Area 51 insider to aerospace journalist James Goodall – this was back in the 1980s – "we have things in the Nevada desert that would make George Lucas envious." In other words, Star Wars technology.

Can you imagine the front page of the New York Times following a true disclosure of all this? "MASSIVE COVERUP EXPOSED." The biggest journalistic fiasco in history would finally be acknowledged, wholesale resignations would sweep the intelligence community, a political third party would do a clean sweep of Washington.

Congress would promise emergency hearings, Arab oil nations would be in a state of collapse as oil price futures plummet, and the stock market would be in a headlong tailspin.

People would realize that a massive power structure has existed for generations, and has siphoned away trillions of dollars. They would learn that it has played a dominant, though unacknowledged, role in shaping their lives.

Think about NASA and the space shuttle program. There is no shortage of quiet discussions about the antiquated nature of NASA’s shuttle technology. Astronauts have died because better technology was denied to them. And that is merely the tip of the iceberg, for this issue goes far beyond NASA.

No, people wouldn't be pleased or especially understanding. Heads would roll.

The American system of government, as it has come to exist, and by extension American society, and by extension our current global civilization, is not compatible with true UFO disclosure. Disclosure would rip it all away.

You might argue that this would be a good reason to maintain the secrecy. On the other hand, I would argue it’s the best reason for disclosure.

As bad as things look today, I retain hope for a post-disclosure world. I retain a faith – yes, I guess it’s faith – in the value of truth over all things. A statement by my favorite writer, Leo Tolstoy, hangs before me every day: "the one thing necessary, in life as in art, is to tell the truth." I cannot believe that a society based on a foundational lie can be better than one based on a foundational truth.

When the Soviet Union came to an end, people adjusted to face new problems, but also new opportunities. We would have to do the same.

Following the sense of betrayal, following the frenzy of revelations, following the planetary chain reaction of scrutiny and exposure, we might just awaken to a new world one fine morning. A world in which the lies have been scrubbed away, and in which new truths are shining everywhere.

Source & References:

Richard M. Dolan

Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2006

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