UFOs Spread Confusion In China
UFO Sunday April 8, 2007-On Friday mysterious flying objects were photographed over China. The Communist party paper first published the images but pulled them back two hours later. Now people are speculating and gossiping…

Traditionally, people in China are superstitious. The state has not favored the beliefs but the reality of the Chinese is still full of spirits and omens.

Heaven sometimes gives signs people try to interpret. As a rule mysterious signs are to be seen when the emperor is about to lose the Mandate of Heaven, i.e. his right to rule the people.

In old times the Moon Maiden appeared or the desperate moaning of the deceased could be heard. This kind of omens are of course old-fashioned in the 21st Century. Now people can gape flying saucers.

On Friday, a mysterious luminary was seen in Changchun, Northeast China. Soon after the same object was photographed at Jilin University, 200 km to the South and then over the Shijiazhuang airport, 1000 km away. The <>People’s Daily published the photos and admitted openly that the aurhorities don’t know what it was. The possibility of a UFO was not outruled.

The images were removed after two hours or so early Sunday morning. However, at 7:00 GMT the file was still on the server:

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