Has Alien Contact Been Made? Yes! According to Dr. Steven Greer
UFO On the July 30, 2006 "Coast to Coast AM" radio broadcast, Art Bell made the following announcement.

According to Dr. Steven Greer:

(paraphrased) We have confirmation that SETI has received signals "confirmed"as contact from an alien source. These multiple signals are increasing in number and frequency.

"Two inside sources from SETI" have confirmed this information. Efforts are being made to get one of the sources (a senior official) to go public with this information.

Since the beginning of the reception of these signals, a human force has attempted to "jam" these transmissions.

This statement was made by Dr. Greer as early as May of this year.

He has added that these signals are without a doubt "extraterrestrial."

SETI has denied that an extraterrestrial signal has been received.

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