When Alien Contact Comes, Then What?
UFO Calling it a "very giant leap for mankind" Seth Shostak relates the activation of ten antennas on the edge of Hat Creek, California. They are new additions to the Alien Telescope Array, which will eventually boast 350 antennas, and make the search for alien intelligence faster by at least hundreds of times. Shostak seems very hopeful that the new set-up may detect an alien signal in the next 2 dozen years. If aliens exist, that is.

The recent accusations by Dr. Steven Greer that SETI is hiding verification of contact was vehemently denied by Shostak on Coast to Coast AM. He asserted that there are protocols that cover the detection of alien signals, and claimed that SETI would follow those standards to the letter. But, what exactly will happen if that elusive alien signal is received by Earthlings?

Contact: What happens if a Signal is Found gives us all the answers to this question. Shostak explains that many believe that our military, fearing a hostile alien invasion, would surround the SETI location, and control any release of this information to the public. The signal could be redirected to the Pentagon, he says. Also, keeping the signal secret would keep the general public from going berserk, and into total anarchy, evoking martial law.

We are told, however, that these possibilities do not exist, because SETI protocol would be observed. This is basically what would happen. The signal itself would be verified as extraterrestrial and not man-made. All personnel involved can make their own verification of the signal. National authorities would then be notified, and then all astronomers. This will allow all telescopes to aim at and study the signal. Then, according to SETI, the information "should be disseminated promptly, openly, and widely through scientific channels and public media…"

Well, all of this sounds fine, and it would be nice to think that when and if the signal comes, everything will be done according to this nice, well thought out plan. But, just how much can we trust our own government? I wish I could, but there have just been too many times that the American people have been deceived. Hey, maybe SETI could start a new trend.

(B J Booth)

(Image source: SETI Institute)

Source & References:

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute
Thursday, August 17, 2006


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