UFO Photographed over Coral Springs, Florida; 07-14-06
Coral Springs The images seen here were sent in by Carmen Padila. They were taken on July 14, 2006 at about 7:00 P.M. There were three witnesses to the object.

I sent an email to Carmen requesting more information about her sighting, and received two more photographs of the UFO. I also asked her about the camera, and if the object was moving. She replied:

"Yes it was moving; then it stopped for about 10 minutes. I took the picture with cell phone camera, and also Kodak camera. Both have the same pictures."

"We were at the pool, and the kids got my attention. They were saying, "Look! Look!, it's 'War of the Worlds.'"

"I looked at what they were pointing out to me, and well...the rest is in the pictures."

"The object was silent, but when we went into the house, it was as if the electricity had shut off. My microwave wasn't working; like a short of some type."

A big thanks to Carmen for relating the details of her sighting to the UFO Casebook.


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