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The UFO Casebook received this intriguing photograph on 06-18-04. It was taken on June 17th between 7 and 8 pm. The sender was taking pictures of the clouds of Corpus Christi, Texas with a Sony 5 megapixel digital camera. At this time, the cameraman saw nothing out of the ordinary through the viewfinder of his camera. The photograph was published originally in our UFO magazine, # 107.

On April 11, 2006, we received a new photographic analysis of this picture, bringing out new details of the original photograph. The details are listed below:

Someone i know was interested in my UFO picture and offered to do some analysis on it. It gives me a little different and enhanced perspective on the picture, other than applying filters it hasn't been altered in any other way. The image on the upper left gives the clearest "UFO" type image.



I had some fun goofing around with your image. If you look at the image I sent you, you'll see I sort of threw in a bunch of things so I could explain things to you. First, I never realized that this object could be viewed as a saucer. It just hit me tonight. If you've ever seen one of those optical illusions where if you stare at it long enough you see different things. When you first look at it you see one thing right off, but then after some mental shift you see the other thing. Well, that's what happened with your UFO. All this time, from when you first showed it to me, until today, I saw the object as only its' black outline, much like the image pasted in the upper right. I turned it upside down so you can make the mental shift to how I've seen it all this time a little easier. You have probably been viewing it as a saucer all this time and might have difficulty seeing it my way.

So I figured out the reason I've been seeing it the way I have is because the "implied" saucer parts are the same color as the background cloud. I found that to be very strange. This is one of the reasons I thought this could be seen as a forgery. If you view the re-pasted UFO's in the column above the original, you will more easily see the background color matches the cloud fairly well. One could say this object was inserted and blended nicely, but not realistically because the color matches the background cloud. But there are possible explanations for that, so I wouldn't bet too heavily on the forgery theory based upon this alone. I even have a good sci-fi explanation for it that I think you'll like.

The upper left hand image is simply your UFO flipped and blended with itself to make it symmetrical. It gives you a pretty good idea what this thing might look like if it really was a saucer shape. I forgot why I pasted in the blown up version in the upper middle, but I'm pretty tired right now so maybe it'll come to me tomorrow.

The second major problem I found with this image is that I had to turn it EXACTLY ten degrees to get the UFO level. Considering the angle from which you took the picture I'd say that is a DAMNED unusual coincidence. But it's not impossible. If you look at the lower right image you'll see the lines where I attempted to align the sunlight. The UFO and the cloud both seem to be similarly lit from the same direction. So unless you moved the sun to get the lighting right on the cloud, I'd say the ten degrees doesn't prove anything. (But it is very odd).

So let's just say this is a real picture of a real flying saucer. It may or may not be, I have no way of knowing for sure. But I do know that I was NOT able to prove it fake. So anyway, I'm going to put on my sci-fi cap and give you my "sci fi author wannabe" explanation for the light on the saucer being the same as the cloud behind it. Oh, wait, I forgot to mention it might just have been caused by the jpeg process. There are very few of the cloud colored pixels in the saucer, so if they should have been another color, but that color was close to the background cloud color, the jpeg process may just have rendered them that way for compression.

But the fun explanation goes something like this...You did not see this thing with your own eyes even though you were looking at the sky, and you are a ufo buff, so why the hell didn't you see it? If it was going super fast it would be blurry on the photo, so I doubt it would have zipped across the entire sky while your eye was in the camera.

So what if it wasn't visible to the naked eye because it has some kind of visible light cloaking. If you are able to collect the light hitting one side of an object and release it at the same angle on the opposite side of the object, you would not see the object, you would see the light from the other side of it. It would be invisible. (This was the principle behind the Invisible Man in H.G. Well's story from almost 100 years ago). So what if this cloaking technology works on the visible spectrum eyeball's don't see them, but film might under the right conditions. In this case it isn't what you see but what you don't see. The dark parts are all shadow from the saucer. So if the combination of the sun's angle, the film, your position and the shadow all aligned correctly to hit a weak spot in the cloaking technology, well then you'd have a photo like the one you have.


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