Eyewitness Relates Encounter with Alien Creature

Alien being
You will have to bear with me while I tell you of an incident that took place in my life. This takes place at my home when I was very little. It was in my bedroom and I was alone.

I am perhaps 3 or 4 years old. I am in bed and the room is darkened but not entirely black. As I lay in bed I was aware of something moving around in my room. Finally I could see something small standing at the foot or my bed. It was a little creature that looked a like a monkey or a man. It was maybe a foot high or a little bigger, but not much more than that. It was very ugly. It had very big eyes and a unusually large head for it size. This little creature stood on two legs and had arms and hands.

It was a dark green or maybe a grey blue, it was hard to tell in the dim room. This little man moved about my room in quick jumps and hops. It made a rattle sound and peeped and squeaked as it moved around on my bed. It had a long thin rod in one hand and would poke me with it. I remember that it hurt and it did leave marks on me. Outside my bedroom window I could see very odd, soft flashing lights that were high up in the air. There was no sound.

This little manlike creature would jump from my bed to the chest on the opposite wall and back again. It was very good at leaping. It terrified me something awful. Then it vanished through the window. I told my mother that a scary little man came into my room and she told me that nothing was in my room. I assured her it did.

The following night it came again...and this time it was more aggressive. It poked and prodded me all the while making the rattle sound. (perhaps a tinny sounding voice?) I remember that it had these huge eyes and moved in quick movements. This creature had long thin legs and long thin arms with long fingers. Its' body wasn't all that long or large compared to its' head. It wore a suit that was dark and shiny. It vanished out the window again in an instant.

I told my mother about it again and I said I wouldn't sleep in my room anymore. I was afraid of the little monster man. This time my mother was perplexed. She asked me to show her where it came in. I pointed to the window. She told me that nothing could possibly come in that way, because the window did not open. It told her that it went through the window. My mother thought I was making up stories. I assured her I was not telling stories. Later the next day when I was going to get a tub bath, my mother noticed the small marks on my body. She asked what happened. I told her that the little monster man did it. Now my mother was worried. She was thinking that a mouse or rat had gotten into my room. I told her it was the little man who would come in through the window when the funny lights outside were on. She asked,what lights?

I told her about the flashing lights and how the trees waved around in the quiet. I told her a little man came through the window and jumped around in my room and would poke me with a shiny stick. (rod) Both of my parents were confused and could not understand what it was that I was trying to tell them about. I drew them a crude picture of it. It made them very nervous. My parents examined my room on the second floor our house for all possible explainable possibilities. They could not figure it out.

This little creature came one more time. It stood on top of the headboard and shook the bed and rattled. It jumped down onto the bed and got up close to my face and looked into my eyes. It touched me and then vanished into thin air. I screamed, my parents came and saw the flashing lights. My dad ran out side and saw something off in the distance high in the sky. This thing never came back again.

Now here is where the story is very bizarre. This took place in the very early 1950's. I am 57 year old now and have never forgotten that thing that came into my room.

Have you ever had anyone else tell you anything like this before? I swear to you that every word of this is true.

Rene' A

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Thank you Rene' for sharing your experience with us.

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