Critique on the Drone/Strange Craft Photographs
The new high resolution picture of this object has some unusual "fixes". I have attached a greyscale negative image of the second picture. Notice the ligher grey areas in the picture that don't show up in the normal image. They suggest that a clone brush has been used to paint out areas of the picture.

If the picture was unretouched, none of that would appear. I think if there is any evidence of retouching, the picture is suspect.

Something just doesn't smell right to me. I am a PhD scientist (chemistry/pharmacology) and I think like a scientist. Isaac's story just doesn't make sense. How would they have any idea how those artifacts worked?

If a computer was taken back only 100 years into the past, to 1907, would anyone have been able to figure out what it was or how it worked without a power supply? Yet, Isaac claims that they had technology vastly ahead of anything we have, and they could were able to figure out how to turn it on and off, and what it was.

It is highly doubtful that advanced technology would be based on principles that we present know. What is the likelihood that they would use the same voltages or currents?

Also the security on real artifacts would be so tight that no ordinary person would be allowed make photocopies of pages of manuals. And isn't it a huge coincidence that the "linguistics manual" symbols show up on the sides of the ship? What are the chances of that? And why would they be there? Plus, the "craft" is not aerodynamic with all those rods on it.

But what's going on? I don't know. "Isaac" is clearly in on it. At this point, my opinion is that it is a very elaborate hoax, but I sure can't explain why they would do it. I asked about that video before too, and could never find it again. It would take considerable effort to create that video, so who made it, and why? I think the source of that video might have some answers if it could be located.

Also, if Isaac is a real person, I think the CIA or FBI would have been on the case as soon as any of those pictures appeared. The project would still be highly classified, and I'd imagine that they also would have forced you to take the pictures down if they were real and tried to find who posted them.

Another possibility is that some government agency is seeing how people would respond to a very elaborate hoax. Again... why?

I'm still puzzled, but I don't think the "strange craft" are what they are purported to be.

I'm not logged in as a [Forum]member because I only have time to check the site every other day or so, looking for good pictures. Years ago I was a member of NICAP and I'm still looking for that one really great authentic picture.

I actually hadn't seen the long thread on the strange objects until tonight. I skimmed through it and found the comments about the picture I sent you. I'm not trying to fool anyone. So here are the details of what I did. I'm not an AutoCad expert, or even a photoshop expert. I mostly restore and colorize antique photos for people. I use scratch remover, clone brush, and a few other functions relevant to restoring and enhancing old torn or faded photos. I use Jasc Paint Shop 9 to enhance and work with them.

So, I downloaded the big basin hi res picture. In Paint Shop I converted it into a greyscale image, and then into a negative image. There is a one-step photo enhance function in Paint Shop that has several functions included such as contrast enhance, color balance, edge restore, etc. A lot of times it will be enough to make an old faded picture look much better.

I had used it on the original picture without any improvement, but decided to try it on the negative, but take out the color (greyscale) to try to get better detail (I worked with a fellow years ago that was red-green colorblind and he said during the Viet Nam war they used color blind people to look at jungle photos because they could spot the camouflage thrown up over Viet Cong camps). So sometimes I take out the color to see the detail.

Anyway, the story is getting long. So I hit one-step photo enhance, and saw grey boxes appear around the object. I sent you that picture, but what I saw is not evident when it's up on the site, so I repeated the function four more times and it emphasized the patchwork and I think it will now be evident.

I had no idea whether it was an artifact of the software, so I took a picture of the sky (Kodak EasyShare DX6490 4 megapixel) and cut out a small section with some branches and did the exact same photo enhance operation on it, five times. There were no larger boxes evident around the tree brances, as there were around the strange object.

Maybe some hard-core graphics experts can tell me what I did, but it looks like the strange object has rectangular blocks of pixels around it that are unlike a normal picture taken of the sky. I think you don't see it in the normal image because white getting whiter isn't as evident as a slight shade of light grey getting lighter.




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