CUBA: Were UFOs Involved in the Forced Landing of A Private Plane?
UFO Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology-08.22.06 Note: This is part of an article that apepared today in Miami's El Nuevo Herald concerning a recording in which Raul Castro discusses the forced landing of a private plane by Cuban MIGs on February 24, 1996.


by Wilfredo Cancio Isla

El Nuevo Herald

The recording corroborates multiple information regarding the events that took place with regard to the incident and contributes details on the condition of high alert generated among the [Cuban] military hierarchy and the government in the days following February 24. The tension surrounding the military commands at the time gave rise to special reasons for protecting the travels of Fidel Castro witihn the country and the presence of the highest government figures in mass political mobilizations, according to the tape.

In the tape, Raul explains that in recent days he had to issue a forced landing order to the airplane conveying Fidel Castro from Ciego de Avila, since the San Antonio de los Baņos air base had detected "several contacts in the center of the Havana province."

"When [Fidel] was heading there [Havana], I gave the order to land him in Varadero. It was necessary to say that the order was mine," he says. "Make them land in Varadero! And he, [Fidel] ordered them to comply."

When mentioning the mid-air contacts, Raul says that "we called them UFOs" but does not explain if they were U.S. probe aircraft or artificial electronic interference on the radar screen.

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(translation (c) 2006. S. Corrales, IHU. Special thanks to Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo, Miami UFO Center)

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Miami UFO Center and El Nuevo Herald
Date: 08.20.06

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