POLAND: Splitting UFO seen over Czestochowa, 04/08/2006
A fragment of the witness' relation: "I want to report a sighting of an UFO over Czestochowa that occurred on 8th April 2006. It was about 14:00. Observing the sky I noticed a white disc or a cigar shaped craft that in one moment began flying southwards.

Then the object parted and 2 objects began circling over nearby houses. Then the object's parts reunited in 1 object that was still hovering over houses on not too high attitude.

The object was white in color. Beams of Sun were reflecting in it. During an observation I didn't hear any sounds that might be emitted by a helicopter or a plane.

When the object was circling, it began appearing and disappearing continuously, i.e. once it was visible and after a while it wasn't and so on.

In one moment it vanished and after a while I noticed it in the distance floating over a nearby forest and then it suddenly disappeared."

It was the second observation of UFO over Czestochowa in April 2006. On 2nd day of this month a metallic sphere was also observed over the city.

source and references:

NPN - www.npn.ehost.pl, 04/10/06

by: Piotr Cielebias: NOL - Polish UFO Journal, 11/04/06


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