Airline Pilot Reports UFO near Denver, CO
UFO 10/1/2006-Location: Denver, CO-Shape: Circle-Duration:30 sec

Large bright white light with evenly spaced smaller lights in trail east of Denver moving northeast, as seen by airline pilot at FL380

While flying westbound at FL380 (38,000') my First Officer and I saw a very bright, white light at our 9 o'clock high position. The object was just east of Denver at what seemed to be 40 to 50 thousand feet and was moving north to northeast. 4 to 5 smaller lights appeared behind the main object at even spacing, and maintained the same altitude and speed as the lead object.

I asked Denver Center (Air Traffic Control) if they had traffic at my 9 o'clock high. They replied negative. I said "maybe it's space junk burning up" but another airliner on frequency said no, it was moving too horizontal and did not have a trail of burning debris.

I agreed. The lights went out as they moved off to the north and east. I've seen many meteors while flying and this was not a meteor. It was not a conventional aircraft as it had no positon, strobe, or anti-colllision lights.

I have 17,000+ hours of flying time over 40 years. I'm a Captain at a major airline and a retired USAFR Lt Col fighter pilot. This event was unlike anything I've ever seen.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke with this witness on several occasions, and we consider him to be a superlative witness. PD))

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