Open Letter from Richard Dolan / Alien Abduction
To whom it may concern,

I first heard from Yancy Spence in late 2004 from an email. He claimed to have been a witness to the famous Linda Cortile abduction case from November 1989, in which a number of other people saw Ms. Cortile being floated out of a high rise building in lower Manhattan and into an alien craft. Of course, this event was investigated at length by Budd Hopkins, and described in his book, Witnessed. But Spence was not known to Hopkins at the time, and so was left out of the story. Indeed , Spence had not known the case was investigated and written about until he saw it portrayed on a television documentary in 2000.

These things happen. But Yancy Spence's situation is interesting. First of all, he was (and still is) employed as a driver for the New York Post, whose headquarters are located in the exact neighborhood of the abduction. So, at 3:15 a.m. on November 30, 1989 , he was driving over the Manhattan Bridge with a perfect view of the event. Moreover, he learned that other Post employees on the job also saw it.

I have family on Long Island, so I decided to meet Spence at his home during the 2004 holidays. I found him to be personable , credible , and deeply interested in what he saw. We talked at length about the sighting, and I spoke via telephone to one of his coworkers (Bobby) who also saw the abduction, and who believes he was abducted himself , along with Linda and several other people. I've since spoken to both of these men several times. there are other New York Post employees who saw some part of this. Spence continues to track down these people , a few of whom are nervous about going public.

Budd Hopkins is a careful and professional researcher, and once he learned of Yancy Spence and Bobby , he interviewed (and filmed) them at length and regressed Bobby hypnotically. He also interviewed a third Post employee who was yet another witness. But , realistically speaking , Budd already wrote his book about this, and that was over a decade ago. These men simply want the public to know their story. Not only do they have additional testimony regarding one of the most spectacular abduction cases in modern history , but describe new elements of the case (in the form of other possible abductees to the event). Also , they provide clear eye witness evidence to the (highly unusual ) presence of a line of stretch limousines outside the Post office at that late hour, and description of what strongly appears to have been the U.N. Secretary General at the time, Javier Perez de Cellar.

All of this makes worth listening to, and for a continued study of the case to be worthwhile. His testimony, and those of his coworkers , reinforce what Budd Hopkins has argued, that a genuine alien abduction occurred that morning. The presence of these additional witnesses provides significant support to such claims, if any were needed to begin with.

Let those of us in the UFO research field not kid ourselves. The mainstream media and general public simply do not take claims of alien abduction seriously. It's important, therefore, that in case such as this- which took place in the heart of the world's financial capital , before many witnesses, and even involved one of the world's most prominent political figures- that as much testimony as possible be brought for public inspection.

Richard Dolan

May 2005

Published with permission of Yancy Spence and Richard Dolan

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