Unknown Object Caught on Camera in Dothan, Alabama
Hello B J how are you? I visit the web site everyday to check out the info on the UFO life. I sent you a video long time ago. It was the one with my little brother video recording something on my cell phone while I was driving. This video that I'm sending you came from my 17 year old cousin. He lives in Dothan, Alabama.

He called me at 1:05 a.m. Sunday morning 8-05-07 after he sent me this video. He claims that he and my aunt had been BBQing between 9-11 P.M. that night. He goes on to tell me how he saw this bright light come over head. Then my aunt freaked out and asked him what is that!!! He said he didn't know. As time went on he said the light became closer to them, but said they didn't move because they were in shock of what they were seeing.

He said soon after that it disappeared instantly. The weird thing is, is that he had forgot he had recorded the object on my aunt's camera phone. He said he feels weird like he can't remember everything. He says one minute he remembered they were cooking and the next minute he was at the table eating!!! That's crazy, almost like memory was cut out.(Missing Time).

I asked him and asked him, and he swears it's the truth. I want to get him into one of those sleep hypnosis things to see what he recalls that night. Anyway, the video is poor because of being used by a camera phone at night time. I still have it and can't get it together. He says you can make out the trees a little bit in the background and he says the small dot behind the UFO is the moon.

Oh yeah, you can hear him on the home phone while recording this, he sounds confused or his attention completely on the object. I don't even think he remembered being on the phone. Anyway check out the video and tell me what you think. I'll take any answer from you.

Reader Submitted, UFO Casebook

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Reader Submitted, UFO Casebook

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