Golden Sphere Moves over Building near Los Angeles, CA
January 5, 2006 - About 14 miles south/east of Los Angeles, I came out of our garage and headed to our main building located to the north of our company's property line, while walking to it, I looked up to see how many planes I could count on their final approach, toward Los Angeles international airport; thatís to the west of us.

It was a sunny day, clear sky, approximately: 10:00 am when I notice this gold color sphere, just above our building, thinking it was probably a balloon didn't pay much attention at first , when I came out 15 minutes later it was still there, planes where moving as normal, but this thing just floated there, a couple of coworkers asked me, what was up there and I showed them the sphere, they said some jokes and left.

I stood there for 10 minutes looking at it , when it kind of rotated to the west and I was able to see what looked like small wings. Kind of small for the size of the sphere,(if you grab an orange and stick a short pencil through the middle and leave an even piece on each side thatís how it looked).

I ran back to the garage to see if our camera was there; no luck, came out again like 2 minutes later it had moved, now it was above the garage to the east side of the property. I continued to watch for another 15 minutes, got to see 3 more small rotations and the mini wings, unfortunately, at 10.50 am, I had to leave to a coworkers funeral. Everyday I look up to the sky, whenever I have a chance, and with camera on hand, just in case I see it again,(by the way every time it rotated and showed its mini wings, it returned to its original sphere shape...

Thanks to Luis for sending in report. report

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