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Delray Beach, FLorida Thunderstorm Footage Reveals UFO
Hi B J

I had Multiple Object sightings Sunday Sept 10 in the Delray Beach, Florida Area. The first was a Black disk to my east around 2:10 PM emerge from a cloud then fade to nothing in about 4 seconds.

The second sighting was at 7:10 PM to my west and it was a very high black object almost floating moving towards the west towards the West Coast of Florida.The Object seemed to be spinning or moving around as if floated, it was very high so I could not see to much detail but my vision told me it was spinning.

The third was at 8:10 pm (notice the times were all 10 after the hour) this Object was to my east and glowing as bright as the North Star and it was in the 12:00 position then descended downwards very slow to the 6:00 position then got to low and disappeared. Anyone looking in that direction would have seen it.

Also I took this Video while filming a thunderstorm on August 21 in Delray Beach, Fla. I didn't noticed anything until I recently looked at the video and there is a white object to the far right that comes into view when I pan to the right and the Palm branch moves from the wind to give a clear view of the Object.

Then the object gets bright for a second but remains stationary under the storm clouds. I was trying to film any funnel clouds that formed and if I had seen the object I would have kept the camera on it.

View video clip Delray Beach, Florida Windows, (streams in new window)

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