Unknown object photographed over Dulce, New Mexico, 12-31-04

Dulce, New Mexico-On December 13, 2004 I visited Dulce, NM in order to go hiking on the Archuleta Mesa.

The Archuleta Mesa is just outside of Dulce. While hiking up the mid-Western side of the Archuleta Mesa, I took some photos of the Mesa. It wasn't until a few days ago that I noticed a small object hovering over the Archuleta Mesa in one of my photos.

While hiking around I did feel a bit uneasy because there was absolutely no other people around. I also recall not seeing any wildlife of any kind. The object is not a bird, plane, or helicopter. If you like I can e-mail you the photo.

Hope you can use the info. thanks to Tim Crowe.

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image © Tim Crowe

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