Unknown Object Videotaped over Durham England (North East)
UFO On the night of November 27 2006 I witnessed and videotaped a very strange UFO that flew directly over me. It all began at around 5:45 PM I was outside sky watching at the time and looked to my right and saw what appeared to be a stationary orange light of some sort. I watched this light fixed in position for around ten - fifteen seconds trying to figure out what it was. I did not succeed in finding an explanation so I decided to videotape the unknown light at this point.

After five seconds of videoing the light it then began to move towards my location at a very swift speed at some points my next door neighbor's house which I was very close to and did stop view of the light at some points. The light managed to get from far in the distance to my location in roughly twenty-five seconds. As it came closer to me I then noticed that there was another light visible behind the orange one the colour of this second light was red and it was considerably dimmer than orange one.

The craft was nearly right above my head, as it passed over my view was then obscured by my house which I was standing beside at the time as a matter of fact I was pretty much standing right in between my house and my next door neighbor's house. I quickly ran around to the back garden and began to scan the sky it had took me literally five seconds to get to the back yard and the craft was gone.

There is no way that a normal commercial aircraft could have flown all the way into the distance in only five seconds. The craft was going fast but it was not going quick enough to be able to get out of sight in that amount of time I certainly have not heard of any airplane that can pull of such a move and speed. The craft was coming from a North-Westerly direction and was heading North-East towards the coast my location at the time was Durham England (North East), United Kingdom.

The video footage is by no means the best but it does back up and show evidence for what I saw. Please make sure you watch the entire video before you come to any conclusions as I have included some clips which I have added effects to in order for the UFO to be seen more clearly. I apologize for the shaky nature of the footage.

I am a regular sky watcher and know the difference between the known and the unknown. I see planes fly overhead all the time and they always have flashing lights visible this Unknown craft had no visible flashing lights. This was definitely a solid craft of some sort but I cannot really say what shape the craft was.

Sam Willey



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