Unknown Objects Photographed over Easley, South Carolina
These pictures were taken by my great-aunt outside of her house. My aunt claims that it appears on a regular basis near her home in Easley, South Carolina. Recently, something was spotted in Greenville, right outside of Easley, by a multitude of people who called local radio & television stations and reported seeing "something with blue & red lights in the sky".

According to the FAA, there were no flights in the area, but claimed it was probably a meteorite shower. Easley is in the upstate of SC-very close to the mountains. Don't know if that is important info. or not. My aunt is in her late 60's , and not a UFO fanatic- so I don't think she is making this up.

We had all been joking her about it until these other sightings and we heard about it on our local station since it caused such a stir upstate (we live on the coast of SC) Not that we are now totally convinced, but curious to say the least. Are certain areas more prone to more "activity" than others?

She told me that this thing hovers outside her house everynight, and if you step outside the door, it will come toward you.

We dont know what it is, and we were trying to find someone that could give us some answer. If you could give us any answers, it would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks to the sender for the report and photographs


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