Unknown Object Near Jet Photographed over East Texas-UFO Casebook Files
Unknown Object Near Jet Photographed over East Texas

I haven't sent you anything in a while, so here it is. I've been waiting on a good camera off and on now for three months, each one with a defect in it. They've sent three and all three have something wrong, lol. Anyway I did capture one today I thought was worthy for you to see. I was taking burst shots of this jet and this bright object appeared in the last two photos. The other camera I had took five burst shots at a time, this one takes only three.

What's interesting is the sun had gone down and the jet (probably between 35-40,000 ft) was not catching the sun, so this object is a lot higher catching the sun or is creating it's own light source.

I had the zoom set on max 12x optical and the jet was going to the northwest at about 11 o'clock high. Photos were taken today 04-02-2007 at 7:43 PM. I'm sending both originals(copies) for you to check out.

Take care my friend...



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