Unknown Objects Forming Circle in East Texas
Hey B J,

I really don't know what these things are, but they appear to be forming a circle. I only took two photos of this area and this was the second one, so I don't know if the two objects on the right made it a complete circle or not...strange. Thought you'd like this one.

Photograph was taken on 06-17-06. Larry

Editor's Note: Thanks again, Larry for another really incredible shot. This is truly amazing to me. The fact that the circle is forming is totally unbelievable to me. The objects certainly appear to be intelligently controlled.

See map of area

Update: The response to this report and photograph have been overwhelming. We are in the process of getting any and all additional information on the photograph possible. More information will be forthcoming. We are contacting military installations in the area of the sighting to see if we get any type of response. (B J)

Witness to similar formation in same area.

Hello. Regarding the picture posted on Coast to Coast AM's front page... I work in Channelview, Texas, at an industrial plant, and one day this week (either Monday or Tuesday, can't remember which) I saw an object similar to the ones in the picture.

This object descended from the sun and disappeared a few seconds later. It looked pretty much identical to the bright white spheroids in this picture.

thanks to J R for sending in this information.

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