Photographs of Unknowns from Ekaterinburg, Russia
Russia, Ekaterinburg. My name Vitalik. 42 years. Camera OLIMPUS 3,2 Megapixel. Photos are made in the beginning of July, 2006 at 24:30 from a balcony of a house in which I live. At increase in photos of UFO, has found out two red points accompanying object. When photographed UFO, in the sky of red points did not see.

UFOs I observe enough frequently after 24:00 in clear weather. Practically every week! Usually, it is bright luminous points, hardly there are more the stars moving rectilinearly with homogeneous speed at the big height. However frequently they fly by enough low and change a trajectory of movement. Some times I tried to photograph UFO, but during dark time of day of a photo were not precise because of a low photosensitivity of the camera. In a photo curve light strips (because of small trembling hands) turned out. Once I have made photos of 1 luminous object and when looked through a photo on a computer, have found out 2 traces as though objects was 2! If there is an interest, I shall send a photo.

English language I do not know and I use the auto-translator.

second report below

18.07.2006 Year observed 9 UFOs! In 1 : 35 night has left on a balcony to smoke (heat, a sleeplessness). On distance of 3-5 kilometers in the sky, has seen 9 bright objects color white (matte) with not precise outlines, in the sizes at 10-20 times more than the biggest star. UFO made 2 big rhombuses and 1 object between them. UFO moved on small speed in противоположенную from me the party(side) (on the east), keeping the form of 2 rhombuses.

Then were reconstructed in the big corner (as cranes depart on the south, for the leader) and have left, not changing speed. Observed 15-20 seconds. Only when they have disappeared, I have recollected, that at me beside, on a table a videocamera! English language I do not know and I use the auto-translator. I send reconstruction seen, it is made by me on a computer. It not the present(true) photo of UFO!


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