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E.T. Origin of Mankind by Eva Zemanova


Author and eye witness of the following encounter is 32 years old at the moment, born in Prague, Czech Republic . She has been studying mathematics and natural sciences in Prague and since the age of 19 traveling frequently to India, to study Hindu and Buddhist philosophy, culture and languages with outstanding teachers of many monastic traditions in north Himalayan regions.

Her occupation is mostly associated with teaching meditation and eastern philosophy in the west and translations of old Vedic texts to present language.

The event was observed in January 2002, during her recent 6 year stay in India, devoted to study of Tibetan Buddhism and meditation.

Until the last moment she had no suspicion that something extraterrestrial was going to happen and didn't have any personal concerns about UFO and alien phenomena before the event.

She experienced the encounter as very natural and identical with her own inner existence, but totally challenging life event at the same time, which pointedly altered and revived her believes in intelligent forces working behind the evolution of mankind and the supreme source of our common human identity.

She is well aware that on our level of ethical and technological development we don't have equipment enough to verify the following observation, which is indirectly associated with our own origin as well as with presence of other intelligent ET entities around this planet for seemingly a long time.

As an observer of the event she quotes just her clear memory and despite of certain technical difficulties tried her best to describe the consequence of happenings exactly.


So however unusual, the following really happened, it was about 21 of January 2002 in Bodhgaya, state Bihar, northern India. I was attending Kalachakra ceremony together with other hundred thousand people and it was my third day since reaching to Bodhgaya from Himalayan village of Dharamsala where I stayed already three years.

It was almost underground of Burmese Temple where we slept with 20 other people during those days, because the little town of Bodhgaya was full to the brim. It was underground lit by candle lights with wooden beds protected by mosquito nets giving each of us at least bit of private feelings. The peace of night was sacred for we all were tired of crowds of the day and the sky was lit by millions of stars and we all fell asleep.

Suddenly I woke up and found out that I am standing on the ground. I thought that I am dreaming. I felt strange and then I saw in front of my eyes something really big, bigger than the whole city. And I recognized that I am looking at a biggest spaceship possible resting on the place. It was completely different than anything you can see on this planet. It was so big that it would take few hours at least to go around. Its surface looked like the one of stone tombs or ancient temples from large cubes of gray stone. But in reality it was not any stone and if you came closer you discovered that it was a kind of a metal not available here processed to desks covering the whole ship which had a shape of semi globe with perimeter of few miles. At the bottom there were doors, hidden entrances periodically placed on all sides and peculiar series of relief incorporated to the design of the cover. There were faces of many strange races living or extinct in the far off universe, their symbols and language signs, neither of them I could read or recognize but still I knew that they are our friends or ancestors.

The ship was big enough to carry about ten thousand beings of our own kind who were traveling through the space for thousands of years and were on their way home at the moment. We were all standing nearby and as we did not talk but we communicated well by our minds we recognized soon that we are not home but on some desolated planet in the middle of nowhere and we judged that we had an accident. The place was situated at about same latitude as Bodhgaya today. This planet consisted of bare dusty ground with just few trees and bushes; there were no animals here, even no insects or bacteria that time. We were first and only intelligent form of life visiting this place and compared to our home we considered it to be ugly and wild place. There was not much light from the Sun and wind was blowing almost all the time. I managed to get inside and returned to my cabin in the ship, it was in the inner section which was surrounding the centre in few rounds and accommodated all of us one by one. Each of us had an individual cabin containing just a narrow bed and desk with various buttons on the other side.

All sections were connected by microwave net system which was responsible for acclimatization of all individuals, for their sleep during the long flight and for all information automatically transferred to us by the central system. We were awake as soon as the ship landed but we had to wait till the doors of our cabins finally opened. We expected to find ourselves back home but it was not so. There must have been problem in the operation or navigation systems of the ship but we could not prevent these happenings. The ship was fully automatic and capable to cross unbelievable distance without need for any support or reparation. It had its own time space installed inside completely independent on outer conditions. We were not dependent on food or other provisions during the flight as well as we usually slept. The place of our origin was very far away, much further than are the stars of our visible universe now and it probably looked completely different.

Even our own bodies looked different and our minds were functioning on different level. All of us looked completely similar to each other; there were no major differences in our bodies or intelligence. We were about two heads bigger than we are now and our body consisted of very stable and flexible living light responsible for all of its functions. We were practically deathless and we did not suffer from any diseases in general. We were born with the beginning of our own civilization millions of years back in time in completely other universe. We were created as an emanation of supreme intelligence, changeless and devoid of suffering right at the beginning. Our memory contained large periods of time and knowledge collected through aeons of our evolution and travels. We had no relapses in our memory, no logical mistakes and no ethical misbehavior.

We considered ourselves intelligent and highly advanced beings of unbreakable social and moral conduct and our views at that point never moved. We were completely peaceful civilization without the need for any fear of anyone. We had no enemy and aggressions within our society. We were not organized under any leadership or authorities because we did not practically need such kind of organization. We were much more correct and considerable in our judgments and we were not either only spiritual or only technical kind of beings. We rather didn't have any polarities excluding one of these matters. We had outstanding sense of beauty and harmony connected to all of our life and technologies which were so advanced in comparison to what we know now, that it could take million years to reach that stage from now.

We could not repair the systems after we had to land here because they were constructed in very complex way on other place from other materials and they were too sensitive. The gravitation force of this planet completely destroyed the possibility to return the ship back to the space. There were many of us who were immediately affected by the strong gravity and their light bodies collapsed to the ground. It changed them to half living half dying creatures incapable to think or stand up to their own legs. They were left everywhere around and even though we tried to help them; there was not much to do. It was the first catastrophe of this measure in our history and we had no treatment for this condition.

It happened particularly to those who left too early to accommodate to outside conditions for to those who came last it happened probably slowly during the long periods of time we had to spend here. We had to accept that we have to wait at this place unpredictable period of time until the help will come. We were quite sad and left the landing side walking to all directions. There was no one here apart from us and we were complete strangers.

Our evaluation of time was quite different from whatever it is now. We were living a kind of timelessness but still there must have been a time in our home but it was much slower than here and the gravity i.e. was much lighter and all things were naturally well organised. We were not used to do any hard physical work or to suffer because climate or from being tired and overworked. We had completely loving and equal relationships in our society, no ambitions, jealousy or struggle for power. We did not suffer from bad emotions or feelings of frustration. All of them seem to be results of local condition and our inability to cope with that. The structure of this particular planet is very hard and underdeveloped in comparison to our light multidimensional bodies and level of our intelligence. It can be either destroyed or suffer incapability to function in its own way.

Immense and uncontrollable outbreak of our civilization seems to mirror the condition of our non capacity to control our own living force etc. Whatever we see around are just pitiable remains of our intelligence and possibilities.

As long as I remained on the other side there was no recollection of my old personality and conditions. The time and conditions were different; the place was about the same. After I became quite familiar with the situation I started to feel strange sensation like not being at the right place. Something was calling me back and yet something held me there. Finally I moved back consciously and every part of my mind became a member of time tunnel rotating with immense speed back to my old body. I found it resting without move on the bed. It was great wandering which made me puzzled what is my real identity and connection to this life I am living. And joy of discovering great secret which followed. The room was lit by sparkling lights which disappeared in a while as the sphere of energy of that other side moved somewhere up and nothing was left apart from me being awake. Everybody else in the room was sleeping. I wished to know the time and thought it might be four in the morning. After some time our monastery cock started to cry.

The following morning was very similar to all other mornings apart from that the ceremony was canceled due to His Holiness' illness. I remained another 3 months meditating in Bodhgaya but the incident did not have any kind of repetition. I wished to find some more rational and realistic outlook on the thing but the experience itself was so strong and exhausting that it needed no other explanations. I tried to explain it to few people in following few years but I really felt responsible for bringing it back to Europe.

There are few more practical details to this story, which I'd like to add afterward.

One conclusion I'd say now, more than 4 years after the event, is that it certainly changed my view of life. It threw my mind from spirituality back to practical life, and believe, that things and this world are real. It made me instantly aware of existence of ET life and aware that even other aliens than us are around.


I'm not sure whether the same thing could happen somewhere else. The place itself seemed to be the main factor of this occurrence. But I believe that there were more coincidences than one , which made me to see this.

Number one, the area, where the ship was supposed to come down. At the beginning I was acknowledged clearly that it's about the same place ( vicinity of few kilometers ) as was the Bodhgaya city. The ship itself was strong generator of energy and carried its own time convertor , which may serve under certain circumstances as a kind of ''wormhole'' in between our dimension and the previous one.

According to my present state of knowledge , there are at least two possibilities of what might happen with the spaceship later, after we all left it.

Either it remained on the spot, and because it was quite indestructible by local means, built from long lasting materials which are not available here , similar to certain metals, and also quite heavy, it might actually sunk by the time deep underground, because the base in that place is light sandy soil , so it might be even buried deep under the place.

With few of my friends we kept considering the possibility of any non-invasive methods to ascertain if it can't be underground. Once somebody told me, that even if the area is usually dry and waterless , almost like a desert, that there is actually big underground lake at the same place.

Actually the place where I was staying overnight , is under the level of surface, it was used as dormitory just because there was such a lack of place for people everywhere around, normally it serves as store room for wood or whatever, there was almost no light coming inside, so we had to light candles or torch even during daytime. It's just interesting detail that it was so close to earth.

Second possibility , according to my opinion, is, that as we left the ship, it was actually able to fly back without passengers, this also seems reasonable, and hopefully after reaching its destination, they'd get informed about what happened to us and might send here some help.

How many earthly years it would take I'm not sure.

In that case, there would be just exactly the energy vortex left on the spot, like an imprint or information field, which would inform anybody with some kind of clue later, what kind of thing happened. So it might be already sort of predicted, that we will forget everything after long time and will need this kind of recollection.

However, these two factors are related down to earth and to the place itself.

But then there was another influence from above , which was unbelievably strong and which might cause the whole incident to occur. I can judge from what I observed by side, the strange energy field descending and ascending right up from where I was at night, it behaved like strong and guided energy field of very high vibration, and could be actually observed by physical senses after I woke up.

It produced both lights and sound appearance in our space. It would also explain the fact, that someone had to be responsible for the event, for I felt actually guided through it, even if I've had quite free will of my own. So, I think there was other interaction too and it was very powerful.

Also, at the same time, lot of people including some senior teachers reported having special dreams and mystical visions, even though they all differed from each other and I've not heard anybody talking about spaceship so nobody confirmed me the event.

It's also true that me too I didn't tell to anybody for long that it happened to me and I was even quite scared to do so.

So if there were by chance others who saw it, they might never talk about it, especially if they were Tibetans, because for them it would be still more difficult to share such knowledge among their community.

There were also many strange accidents and illnesses happening to people at that time, including H.H.Dalailama, who was actually carried to hospital on the other day. So I suppose, that there was still influence of other e.t. beings whose ship or presence interacted with the underlying energy field.

To conclude this , I'd say, that similar experience might be awakened anywhere and anytime by the same beings, but whether the mother ship would be visible , remains questionable, because the information seemed to be locked to that place.

I also believed , quite immediately, that this is just one piece of a bigger puzzle and that there will be more people on Earth who hold the other pieces. For some unknown reasons, these people and their information is scattered everywhere and not shared openly quite often, so the full mosaic is difficult to put together. But it has definite number of pieces, I believe.

Spaceship Description...

The ship was hemisphere with diameter about 4000 m , looked completely round and exact. It was covered by plates of dark coloured metal plates which were squares about 1,5 m on the side. There were about 16 door right at the bottom which were invisible when closed. The door were somewhat round and opened to both sides, not bigger than two people to step in at the same time. There were no windows in the ship but there were window like entrances all around which were actually lights .

The lights were mostly of blue colour, but few of them could turn to white and red colours , which were signalizing lights basically. So it gave the ship kind of deep blue appearance with violet light flashing in the air. The ship was emitting a tune, very deep and unchanging tune even after landing. The first appearance was like if you are looking at stone monument, because the metal used for the cover had black-gray colour like stones, but on coming close it was clear that there are plates from metal, which I'm responsible to say that it does not exist on this planet, neither in natural state or as artificial product.

UFO The crevice between them were visible from near and each of the plates looked like plane with many facets with bigger square in the middle. Panels at the height of eyes at the bottom were all carved with plastic designs, very beautiful, all around, each resembling distinct race of space inhabitants, their face or figure and some signs of their alphabet. There were old races and some of them might be already extinct. They were kind of ''humanoids'' but each of quite specific appearance. The one near to my door was kind of long face and the next to it very different, like moonlike face of very old race with many letters around.

The ship had an appearance of piece of very fine art , very detailed and perfect, the technology applied to it had to be thousand times more exact than what we can afford now. The isolation wall, I mean the outer cover, was quite thick and there was lot of machinery within the wall, so the inner space was more or less free. Inside it looked like little city with many floors and corridors connecting places together. One could move through almost without walking because there were zones which carried a person like space time elevator to other place quickly . It was just elevator, mechanics, didn't include any transformations of the passenger. But there were also long corridors to walk in and look around and as you moved up , one could see to other stores and parts of ship, because of some open spaces. Inside it didn't look so artistic, just lot of technology, but very big city. Largest space was occupied by the passengers headquarters connected all by thin silver net from microwaves which was responsible for climatic conditions through out the flight, for adaptation to local time space when landing, for information supply to each of us. The passengers headquarters were organized to several groups, some were near to circumference and few in circles close to middle. The middle itself was empty except big hall of globe shape and the hall was usually not entered by anyone. There were very decorative vertical metals hanging at its walls protecting the central boards' space. The central board was not bigger than round table resting on semi globe opened up. The were many round depressions in the desk which was slightly turned inside the to the semi globe. These depressions had golden rings around each. The material used was dark but could turn to almost transparent. In that case you saw many colorful connections running inside through thick plastic material, which looked like hard gel.

There were wide corridors with big observation screen round the middle with many chairs and communication panel without any buttons. The accommodation cells were really quite small, one beside each other, looked like bee house. They had somewhat crystal shape from outside, but inside it was quadratic. The walls were covered with clean white plastic material , everything was very light and hygienic. There were some rooms with bathroom function , emergency rooms in the case that someone was uncomfortable, small meeting rooms and rooms with games and entertainment.

Some of us never went to these but they were of use to everybody. During the flight the light inside the ship was rather dim ,like at night, but it we had also day times. I remember that I used to go around for a walk at night very quietly not to wake up anybody. The cells contained just one long narrow bed at its side and we didn't use any covers . I've had a panel with few pressing points opposite the bed, there was also communication screen , very small and green lighted.

I could see the net like waving on the ceiling. We used to sleep almost all of the long flight, we were taken care individually as far as climatic conditions and physical well being is concerned. We could get any kind of mental stimulation if wanted or needed, as well as receiving information subconsciously all along. So were not in blank state of mind . Most people had an occasional activity by waking up if they felt like , we could talk to each other telepathically, but used the net connections. Some people were just like passengers and didn't take care of anything. Certain number of people had practical responsibility to take care of specific fields of problems when encountered. There were almost none and the ship as such didn't need any personal navigation or interaction.

It looks almost exact in the sense that the ship was really round like that , not flat, the colour was about same, just can't imagine if it was not slightly bigger, which has no meaning in relation to the picture.

There were more lights in vertical lines, all blue, so the ship was surrounded by blue glow. Those panels up on the cover except those at the bottom were pressed to regular square facets starting with bigger square in the center of each, accompanied by tiny facets around up to the meeting line at the side. The plates at the bottom were carved in very detailed way each, same like if you come to museum or gallery, and there is collection of busts of ancient thinkers in a row, these were plastic, somewhat flattened, precisely pressed to each plate, just like ancient gallery of portraits and little handwritings at side of each. They didn't look incomprehensible but were probably exact copy of each ancient race , some of which might not exist anymore. It would be very informative part of the picture, but we would have to paint the whole gallery again. The doors were in between, not marked by any pattern.

The space inside was more cellular like in the second picture. I meant to say that there were several floors which divided the ship to zones , opened yet to each other by vestibules connected to large hallway area close to the center. There were walking galleries around each floor opened to the center. The hall in the middle was opened up with tubes leading to the top of the spaceship. The bottom of the ship was not exactly flat inside but little concave, which was not apparent from outside.

The cabins were about 2,5 m long, not even 2 m wide and similar in height, which made them big enough to stand up and stretch ones limbs . The bed was quite connected to the ground, I mean that the space under the bed was closed, contained some connections which were not visible, of course, but there were buttons under ones hand along side the bed. The computer could not open to the space, but it was just panel with buttons and the screen at the wall, which was to spare the space. The surface of the bed was flat, but little of anatomic shape and quite plastic when touched, like a wave with natural pillow. So it was by the way very comfortable.

Back to the questions. No, there was no navigation personnel as such, because the navigation system was completely independent of any personal interactions, that means nobody was taking care of that during the whole flight. It was constructed right from the beginning as closed system , given all necessary information and dispositions to carry us to our destination and back. Apart from the excellent technology which enabled the ship to cross such a long distance in space without any stop, and protect its passengers from any time space effects , because it generated its own time space field, which we inhabited, it was basically passenger ship and didn't carry any weapons. It was navigated at the beginning by our engineers , who examined all the details , and it was intelligent enough to react to circumstances by itself.

That way nobody in the ship understood the technology well enough. We would have to produce conscious effort in order to manipulate the whole system again. It's because the ship was an up-to-date peak of our technologies, we had more than this one but not many and they could be used really for long travels only. There is no similar technology developed yet anywhere. It was very safe to travel with and carried so many beings together !

Each person had his own room, which was the most comfortable solution for everybody, because we always protected privacy of each individual as sacred. There were no families as such, yes, everybody was a family, we loved each other much and didn't encounter any entity or misbehavior ever.

The beings were existing since the beginning of their own Universe, created as such, not developed from lesser species , and remembered most of their history without any gaps. They were not dying and being born again or undergoing any reincarnation process, but simply granted immunity against any physical or mental changes. So they were not subject to any competition, evolution or reproduction. The number of beings in the particular civilization was stable , the sex was not polarized, and new beings were born really exceptionally, just like a miracle. Through our history we accepted certain number of individuals from neighborhood civilizations, which made our society slightly bigger. There were different parts of our history marked with connection to other dominant galaxies and their people. The difference was invisible on the first look because we looked alike. There was no discrimination present in the society as such . Depending on our ancient origins, each of us still carried different amount of related knowledge , for which he could be asked any time.

The lights were placed regularly alongside the whole ship starting much above the door, like from the second fifth from the base. All were not switched on after the ship landed, just a small part of them running in vertical lines to the top. The rest looked actually like small round glass windows. If they would be on by chance, I mean all of them, the ship would be shining like X-mas tree. This might be just in the case that we would be welcome to another inhabited place , or for some really auspicious purposes. The red and white lights were meant for peaceful maneuvers signals and they were in rings close to the top. The rest were mostly blue or white lights.

Beings Description...

We all looked alike , which was one of the first things that caught my attention. Our bodies were rather tall, may be one head taller than we are now and slim enough. Our bodies consisted of very stable living light, like if you imagine dense white light made solid , forming a body. There was certainly energetic transformation taking place within them, continuous exchange with environment, but we didn't have to eat or drink real food, even if it was possible to do so on our own planet.

Those bodies were quite deathless and changeless , immortal , not aging , not undergoing any rebirth. They didn't have any sexual polarities or signs. We were not used to take care of reproduction. They had individual characteristics, but not visible from outside, rather imprinted deep inside of our beings.

We were created in certain number at the beginning and there was no dispute about who is who usually. Even though it was easy to look like everyone else, it was equally right to question each others mind to reveal its opinion . We've had our personal history of each being as well as the knowledge which related to all of us at hand, in our memory . Also the spaceship had common information centre which was talking to us even though it was not living being.

We were much attached to our mother ship, which was a substitute of our home for all those thousands of years we were away. It was our home for the time being. We were really long on journey , heading to home, at the time of this chance accident. It happened somewhere in between the space and forced the ship to take the decision to land down somewhere. It choose this planet just because being near, empty and breathable, I suppose. I am afraid if we were really dragged to here by its strong gravitation field. It was not visible, of course, but the ship was fully independent in its own navigation and never before did a mistake. It's inner system was really...too complicated. Back to our bodies...

All of their shapes were very smooth , plastic and harmonious, without wrinkles such as now. Our mouth were very small and eyes were bigger, but not as on the alien pictures somewhere down there. We had no ears and nose either. Our eyes had lids moving from up and down close to the middle. They were almost transparent, covered by stronger membrane to protect them from direct sunlight and else. We were almost immune to climatic conditions, such as heat and cold when we came here.

On the places where are sensory perception organs are found today, such as nose and ears, there were still subtle spirals, almost invisible, similar to some monograms , which served as antennae for extrasensory perceptions , they had all few functions together, apart from transmitting the ordinary signals from near and far. They were able to receive clear information from distance of few miles away, including visible objects. They were partially responsible for our telepathic communication.

Those bodies were very light though not weightless. They were moving in very slow manner accustomed to their own spacetime. They were moving very gently , almost like floating, walking with ease. Hands and feet didn't have fingers such as we do have now, well , they were much more plastic in shape and could capture things easily. They looked like big light gloves with a thumb. They had no organs inside or blood circulation or anything like that. The body was quite compact light with energy circuits performing all of its living functions. We were not used to make ''faces'' on each other, but our feelings were shared from inside directly very soft way. Nobody was getting really angry or depressed. We were in a state of mind beyond suffering. It was not unemotional state, rather it was state of knowledge. We felt great love towards each other and sense of community bound us together without interruption. It was impossible to feel alone or out of society.

We communicated purely through our minds , and information were shared like in waves , sent and received. It was more subtle language than any of those I've heard in human world, still compatible with my thinking today very well. We were dressed in something like a light spacesuit, or sport suit (?), not heavy, and we wore few practical devices on our body which were kind of multifunctional scans and radars , enabling our direct communication with the ship when being outside, for example. These were emitting light occasionally.

These bodies looked really beautiful , peaceful and harmonious. Almost all things at the ship looked beautiful. They were constructed certainly with artistic invention , apart from being technically useful. We had such kind of thinking that never tore technics and art apart, as well as we never differentiated between technical view and spirituality. It formed one indivisible circle in our minds. We hardly knew what is to loose our memory. The memory of each and all of us was fully conscious , without gaps and contradictions , back to the deep past of our unchanging existence, containing all the events we have lived through , explorations of many parts of universe , knowledge of different beings, their planets and galaxies. We had no enemies as we were advanced enough to help those others without any need for satisfaction for doing it. We felt deep resonance with the highest sense for life and respect to every living creature. We were not used to take lives or deceptions.

Now , this was the state before landing here, of course. More than half of those beings got seriously damaged short after the accident....that's why things changed. I'll explain this as soon as I'll get to it. It's a part of my subconscious , I think, and in a broader sense it is probably our common unconscious which carries this information within itself. I hope you don't find it too disturbing, it has such strange energy altogether, that I fear sometimes that it's rather repulsing ourselves from dealing with this knowledge. Can't explain the feeling thoroughly but it has kind of negative magnetic polarity , difficult to deal with.

I think that our present dimension of existence and the previous one are to itself like positive and negative side of a film slide. Exactly that.

So I'll try to explain what happened afterwards and because all of you have some knowledge of modern physics and else, I hope that you're going to understand the point easily. Again I want to stress, that the event was a catastrophe in our historical profile , since we lived kind of timelessness, and our body-mind systems were based on different principle than anyone would derive from today's observations. It's an important fact to know, that our present state of existence had a direct cause.

I'm not at all talking about creation and creator of all things, since it DOESN'T relate to this place and to our common story. Our home and place, where we were created to, is further than our imagination at the moment , and I just want to say again, that it's not any nearby galaxy or visible Star , where we came from.

I'm dwelling on this statement, because our ship was traveling through Universe from very faraway place and we had enough knowledge to determine , at least approximately, where we are. It would not take us that long to return home from here, provided we had the same technology ,of course, but it would be too far for any of those advanced civilizations visiting the planet now. They all seem to come from not so far and hardly have enough equipment to help us out of this situation.

So what happened after we landed down on this planet and the door opened and everybody wanted to go out and so we did, was that we thought that we are home which was not true. But due to the crash of operation systems we didn't receive any warning, so we left the ship. The first thing we had seen is that we are not home and we were looking around , whether there is something interesting to see here, if we were landed here for any special purpose, which was not the case. Then we had to admit that the ship had an accident and that we will have to stay here for unknown period of time , which made everybody rather disconcerted. Then , as many people got out of the spaceship quite early and the ship itself was under strong pressure , because the landing was influenced by the local gravity and was no way completely natural , the ship was emitting lot of its stored energy to the atmosphere.

So I suppose that the place around was highly radioactive , not counting the other factors of such energetic crash. Of course, some people couldn't wait long enough and had to get out as early as possible. So they most probably entered to the deadly energetic zone around the ship when it was at its worst. Like that they were struck both by the radiation and the unusually dense gravity field of the planet. As I have said before, our bodies were formed of light. It was condensed light forming all of our ''biological'' systems , very stable and used to quite different space time conditions, including gravitation factor, which indeed proved to be very important . So bodies of those beings who stepped to this planets atmosphere, had undergone almost instant damage. If I say damage, it's exactly what it was. It resembled the process , which happens,when you through some light plastic ball to a pot with boiling water. It will shrink and loose its round shape, its chemical structure will change and you'll never make it as it was before.

So something similar had happened to those many people who left the ship. They suffered by immediate collapse of their organic systems to this atmosphere and affliction from the rays emitted by the ship. So they looked really ugly. They lost about two thirds of their height and their bodies became dense and wrinkled , lots of them had opened wounds and bleeding sores all over their body. We had never before seen such a thing. These were our own friends and kin and they turned to very ugly creatures, crawling on the ground, crying from pain, lot of them couldn't move at all.

They had to suffer terrible pain but there was nothing to help them, because we were completely unprepared for such situation. Apart from that they were too many. Mostly they were just sitting on the ground and bleeding, that's all. Most of them fell to kind of mental agony , so they were later not able to recollect, what really happened. It did not happened to everybody but those people were majority. It could happen to anybody anytime, it seemed to be quite unpredictable. I have no complete clue as why some people were protected and immune to the condition after the landing.


We have tried to give to those suffering creatures leaves from trees to their mouth , hoping , that it would help them to accustom to local environment. I've no idea if it actually helped them. For sure they all became grass eaters subsequently. Their fate was not ''so'' terminal, because their previous biological information was still very alive and sort of flexible at the beginning, so after some weeks or so they started to recover . Now it would take much longer or they would simply die from such condition. To recover means that they started to get body shape which slightly resembled the previous one, but no way they could get back the original light form. The local gravity field simply didn't allow it.

So they looked like various ''humanoid'' creatures, never again similar to each other. Lots of them simply refused to remember what happened and they felt highly different from those who survived without injury. Which caused basic difficulty in communication since beginning. Now , most of them lost lot of memory and mental abilities, it's no wonder, because all of their bodies were contracted by pain, the process of ''materialization'' of these physical bodies, with all their inner structures had to be very painful. So they've started to produced cries at first and later relieved themselves with talking. They've invented this ''talking civilization''. They have called themselves something like ''humans''. We didn't have such a name for us before. It had no meaning.

They were, of course, aging too, by the time, and when the death time of their body finally arrived, they didn't die completely. Part of them was able to survive being swallowed (?) by healthy living organism , so that way the soul continued to live. Of course, that such a process caused numberless mutations of living creatures around and complicate malformation of their biological systems. But they simply did not care.

They were quite a long lived creatures. They 've discovered that the plants around which they tried to consume, don't give their bodies enough energy and original information to recover. So finally they tried to eat all of the pieces of dead bodies around to secure all of the original information we had. It seemed to help them to some extent and after long time the civilization again was slowly standing up on their legs.

Of course, by nature, those beings were never same as before. They've tried to bring out of the ship whatever tools possible, but they could not damage the ship seriously , because it was really above their possibilities. They've started to inhabit caves and surrounding areas , spreading to all sides, built houses there and did attempts for civilization.

Those who remained as light bodies, we were of not much help. First they believed that we can heal them, but it was beyond our efforts, then they looked at us as to some strange creatures, finally they were kind of ignoring us and at last the whole original sphere became invisible to them. So you could go around and no one would even notice it. It was very long time process. I've really been through this memory in a condensed time procedure. It made me to go through as slowly as possible, like if all that time had passed again, even if here these were just few hours.

Natural Conditions on this Planet...

One of the factors I was pretty sure about , let us say, few minutes after I've entered the different space, was the time and space location of ours. From my point of view it was presence, of course, but I was literally re-visiting the past and I knew, that it is happening, because everybody assured me where I'm, who I'm and what time is it.

I was confirmed just at the beginning, that I've entered to time-space field which is operated exclusively by those beings who landed here. So in that field such recollection was possible meanwhile I didn't maintain anything of my human identity.

I've stayed on the other side few hours of the previous time account (which is only related and maintained by the mother ship ) and which made about two weeks of earthly time to pass there, at which point I decided to return. I'm sure that if I continued staying there , I might interact one day with what we call presence here&now, but as a friend of mine said, it'd be just a time-trap to be caught in perhaps.

Anyway, since the being on the other side is exactly identical with me living in this life&body, it got here already once from that time and there is no point to attempt another journey of same character (?).

May be I was afraid that it would take too long . I felt certain warning, like strange energy in the air, which called me back after certain time. I've spent there anyway 4 hours without much difficulty. But may be that it was the limit of what I could afford at the time without getting harmed or confused.

I'm sure that the dimension is more or less timeless from our narrow point of view and it's quite possible, that some of us may return there after death.

Before I went to sleep, I was slightly nervous about the upcoming next day Kalachakra initiation (which didn't happened after all), and was much looking forward to it. Also I was happy to be so faraway from home (I've recounted that it's furthest to the East I've ever been till then) and that no one is around to notice it and that I can do what I like. So I felt free and happy.

I was also sorry , that all of my teachers are locked and guarded with H.H.Dalailama in his monastery and that I've to stay somewhere else and can't talk to them.

But these were sort of light hearted feelings which allowed me to go to sleep easily. I've listened to my small radio for few minutes , switched it off, and what I've discovered in the morning was, that the tape-recorder was on, which I think is virtually impossible, because it'd run out of batteries. I've checked it at 8.30 and it was on , turning around happily, but I had no cassette inside (so may be I missed something ). On waking up at 4 a.m. I was quite sure that other entities were involved in the whole process and visited the place. But I was so ..loaded with information and kind of tired in the morning, that I didn't think about who was it and how it happened. I was quite enough to know it happened and that I've seen a lot of things.

From my point of view the most important piece of information , and very much !! surprising to me, was, that our ancestors came to here from other Solar system, didn't evolve on this planet , and also that our staying here is kind of involuntary accidental happening. I was not made to think like that, but I had exact reminiscence of that time when we came to here.

And all of this planet, which was so empty that time, we looked at with different eyes. It was not ''our planet'', the trees and rocks were not like ''our trees '' and ''our rocks'', the sky was not like ''our sky''. And I won't forget this distinct feeling, when we still remembered the previous home and this was new to us.

It reminds me slightly of the Book of Genesis; "..and the earth was void and empty and The Spirit was hovering above the Waters '', pardon my free world translation. Also, that we had to wait so many days for the Sun to appear. It was very dark during our first time here, the days were longer, the night of landing was long and we were eagerly awaiting the Sunrise.

There are lots of Genesis statements and also few other legends of old world which remind me that people once went through this cataclysm . But their minds mixed up to that point that they started to proclaim, that it was ''the beginning'' of creation. I think the clues are found elsewhere but they don't substantiate or truly describe what happened.

It might disturb the heads of few white haired fathers to hear, that before the beginning, there was a spaceship...of course. From the other pot, all of the modern science supposes that we are on the peak of our developmental lineage, which started in microcosm of amino acids etc..

I've seen that before we ever happened to disintegrate to one million of molecules, elements , particles of living and non-living category , which helped to disseminate life all over this planet, our bodies were composed of unified field of light as homogenous intelligent systems, which was not characterized by its particles. Those particles happened to emerge exactly after inserting our bodies into this heavy gravitation field of Earth, which caused the energy and particles characterization process. So it's nothing such as building stone of life , however we try to detect life through DNA investigation, it may give us some clues, but does not talk the truth of our origins. I don't know if it sounds understandable but it was physical process which caused this to happen.

So from my point of view it is explainable.

But I can't explain, of course, why the other ETs were there and which way they've made me to go through this, because the energy field was so distinctly different and non-accessible from outside, that after I was out, even to me it appeared scary to enter again. Which I'd do probably only if I was taken or put inside by someone else. If I'm to compare this to something, it was like if you were to decide (on standing outside ) whether you are going to enter a huge fireplace , or something like that. I'm referring to the point when I was already back and short before the zone lifted , it was producing kind of radiation flashes in the room and certainly would awake fear at that time. So I suppose that I wouldn't be able to emanate this out of my mind even at the wildest imagination.

I came to quick conclusion, being still on the other side, that the time was about 80 millions years ago. I can't tell you how did I come to this number , but it's true, that I was in a state of knowledge when many things were easier to me than they are now.

As a humble witness of this event, I am just describing how things looked like over here that time. Of course, we were looking at them from slightly different point of view, like if you come first time to a new house and everything appears strange and then, if you live there some time, you call that ''my home'' and you are not surprised with the shapes and colours anymore. That's exactly how it appears to me and probably all of us just now. We say ''our planet'', ''our Earth'' , ''our home'', because we kept being here so long , that the real old home we forgot and do not remember.

At the moment of our descend to the surface, it was night. According to my observation, the days and nights were longer that time than they are now. I don't know if it's possible that the spin velocity of Earth was accelerated since then... Also , on contrary to what paleontologists say about life here and development of different species, the actual situation was slightly different.

I hope you don't get bored if I try to explain this. According to my school knowledge and consultations with some good friends, 80 millions years ago should be the time when reptoids were coming out of waters to establish their rule over the planet. Water was supposed to be abundant with living organisms of all kinds and vegetation was prevalent in many species everywhere.

But the real picture was not so. The planet indeed was rather barren with signs of vegetation scattered here and there , but the soil was rather dry and trees and bushes, the most common plants we've seen, were growing slow . They were about the same leave trees which you can see until now, with hard leaves and thorns and loose bark all over.

They were quite suffering from the inhospitable atmosphere , which was not cold, but rather very wild, if you can imagine, what I mean to say. There were lot of winds and tornadoes just above the ground , the clouds very much thicker than now and covered the sky almost constantly. The planet seemed to be veiled by darkness and it took days to see the Sun in all its beauty.

The plants had a luck of one kind, that they were not eaten by anybody. However it may sound surprising, there was no fauna on Earth that time , not even insects and not to speak about higher animals.

I'm sure that our scans and eyes would discover something like intelligent form of life soon, because we were quite equipped for this purpose. But to our disappointment there were no other beings here apart of those trees and us, so we were literally alone.

So there was no one to fear and no one to investigate.

Now, what does it all mean to me is, that since evolution from a cell to any complicate organism is rather long term process if natural, and since we were not fond of creating artificial life as one could imagine, then the rest of today's known organisms had to come to inhabit the planet later, even later than us , and from some different star system too.

It gives rise to an idea, of course, when in the deep past it happened, but I'm quite sure, that later than us, there were another chance landings over here, which made the planet so full of creatures. I'm sure that we didn't carry any animals with ourselves and once they arrived, we were probably quite happy about it. It also seems, that adaptation of these lower organisms to Earth' environment and climate was much easier than our own and that they spread all around very quickly. I don't exclude the idea, that still in the oceans animal cells might exist naturally at the time and that they developed to some simple organisms by millions of years . But it seems highly improbable to me that large animals would come out so quickly out of this evolution line in the mean time.

I'm not sure what kind of effect our landing produced on the entire atmosphere, which was breathable for us without difficulty, and there was plenty of water which we didn't value highly. It's possible that certain kind of rays were used to calm the atmosphere and to make the biosphere more receptive to us.

The reason why we didn't like this water much is, that the water on our home planet, as every other mineral substance , was joined by more complicate kind of chemical relations , which made it almost organic and very light natured substance , something , we could digest without inner filtration or damage to our bodies, such as plants can use water and minerals here for their good.

Of course, nothing such as that for our needs was not available. The same effect was observed with the vegetation around , which was too gross for our bodies to digest , wherefrom the whole digestion system of organs , enzymes and defecation had to develop.

So you can see, that the situation at the beginning was rather complicate. Above that, those members of our crew , who suffered damage, and there were lot of them, were in very pitiful and irreversible state for the time being, and even if we could leave at the time, we would not probably do this.

So these people later established the core of ''human'' civilization, and they were suffering a lot and lost all their memories of what happened. So they started to believe that they belong to here etc.

This is very old ''story''. It seems to me that later this Earth society was enriched by another chance visitors from elsewhere , which is still something that we don't remember. Since the society here is going regularity through cataclysms and global transformations every two or three hundreds of years at least, we always forget was before and have to start all a new.

Back to the mother ship we came in, so again I suggest, that either it is buried under the Bodhgaya region, or it flew back after some time and there is energetic imprint in the atmosphere of its structure. It would be very natural, because its energy was very high compared to local environment. Similar to , if you remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are told to be shadows on the ground of people who were instantly burned be the radioactive field, but the shadow remained. Something like that , imprint, could be left on the place.

The zone or dimension, where we existed and where we still exist, is actually just ''few inches'' close to where we are now. The whole difference lies in space-time distortion, which is scheduled to different planes of existence. So it is here even if can't observe it by any technical means today , but I believe that in future such technology could be developed to connect those dimensions efficiently. As EBS and others had mentioned before, there are spots all around the Earth, where the other dimensions can be entered , I suppose , that for example crashed spaceships of another kind, whose energy turned to small kind of ''black hole'' or ''worm hole'', could produce such effect of inter dimensional travel.

I suppose that I'm doing mistakes in my attempt to describe it well, so please, forgive me and don't mind to ask, if it sounds unclear. May be that later some conclusion could emerge of all our joined efforts...

Coming Back to this World...

I've just thought that you should know how it was after the incident and why I could not move much further from the point. First and last, I didn't think exactly, if this was UFO accident. Actually I didn't know what was that what happened to me , but I thought that it was some mysterious gift to me ( and everybody else). I don't think I could judge the circumstances at that time. I even think that few days after yet I was in a kind of trance state, I felt completely isolated from the surroundings. UFO

It was not unpleasant , because the Bodhgaya city was crowded with thousands of people and we were just moving through this human anthill without much free choice. I did a lot of meditation that time and didn't participate in any common activities. I was quite alone there , as all of my teachers were closed in H.H.Dalailamas monastery, there were Indian security guards everywhere, because too many people at the place could cause some accident to happen.

Most people out of the monasteries slept in huge army tents and private tents too. Mostly they were Tibetan monks and laity, but there were also monks from all other Buddhist countries, like Burma, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, and elsewhere. There were few thousand westerners around too, so it was completely international anthill. It was actually very nice to meet all those people from far away and everybody was really friendly, and there was very peaceful atmosphere. Out of the monasteries the hygienic conditions were quite awful, and local Indians had to suffer the gathering , but they were happy to sell lot of food to monks .It took almost one month since this great crowd (they've counted almost 100 thousand people) dispersed. The only person I came to know closely at that time were people in the Burmese monastery, where I've stayed for following three month. When all the Kalachakra assembly left home, Bodhgaya was very quiet, peaceful and restful place. I 'd stay there for ever, but central India is so hot at summer time, that I've run away to the mountains in June. There were so many mosquitos, that we could hardly get a sleep at night.

This ship incident happened to me in January, just three days after I've got there. Well, it was so sudden and unexpected, that I thought it's may be time to go home. I couldn't talk about it. I don't think the words would ever slip out of my mouth. It was so deep inside me, that I still managed to smile at everyone. I had no access to computer that time. And I'd wouldn't get the idea to write it down either. It was just too much. Too much of otherworldly information at once. Morning it was all over. It happened at night, lasted 4 hours at least, indefinite time period on the other side , in the ship. I couldn't say what happened. I think I couldn't talk much that time. I was just watching the outer world with very funny eyes. I thought, that we've got not really much further from the beginning. I thought that we are like in Stone Age,understand , please, that after being in the ship, this all looked very backwards. I think that if I've decided to keep quiet or not, it protected me at least from getting any adverse reactions. I don't think I could respond to them.

I thought that I should go back home, felt like if something called me to return. Actually I didn't and I tried to remain in India for three more years , at least I've had a time to think about it in peace. I thought that I must go and tell this to my mum. As a bad coincidence, she was at the same time in hospital , quite in a critical state, they've transplanted her kidneys and pancreas , she was completely out of time too. It was one of the reasons why I didn't return immediately, i knew, that she'll be in a kind of quarantine at least one year and i could carry home some Indian bacteria. She was more in a hand of doctors than family anyway and it took lot of time than she got at least bit better. I think that I've done better to stay there , I can't say.

When I came here back, after 6 years, all looked at me with strange eyes, like if they don't know who I am. It took almost whole year since they've started to talk to me normally , but lot of those previously fine relationships changed . I suspect this spaceship event to be too important in my life. Not that I want to make it bigger. I was aware since beginning, that I can become overwhelmed with the matter , and I've tried to counteract it with myself as long as it was possible. Sometimes I thought that I'll have to keep it secret for my whole life, but naturally I felt rather urged to share with someone. Finally it almost tried to break me down. Through those three years I've tried everything to reconcile with this event. It was not as easy as I've thought. Actually, first months rather nothing happened, which made me feel relaxed about it.

Than I felt to strange period of time, when all of my communication with monks was cut to minimum and I felt completely empty and senseless. So I've thought that I'll have to do something with that. Since I've had few unrelated ET encounters in the following years, I wanted to find some books about it in local bookshop and library, which kind of saved my life from being completely blank. I've got to the computer just during last year, which was another piece of good luck I tried to relate what happened to two of my Tibetan teachers, and another friends, individually, of course. They've all suggested me to write it down, but whenever I took a pen and notebook, I felt so ugly, that I kept destroying the even the first sentence. At the end , my last year in India, turned to be rather stress experience. I've had lot of problems with getting asleep at night , had some pneumonia, I was so tired and nervous that I'll have to go somewhere. Instead of my meditation peace, my mind became quite blocked and there was no way to move along with this accident.

After I came here, I was suffering quite a lot from change of altitude and from these strange reactions to my person. I've related the story during my teachings in our Buddhist centre and lot of people turned to be very helpful meanwhile some others rather run away. Again they wanted me to write down the story, but no one had an idea, what else to do with that. At home, my mum, she seemed to understand the content easily , but something prevented both of us from sharing any deeper feelings about it. After all I was left alone with that and so it remained. I think that it would need actually some more work on my side, to work it out. I can't explain why is it so difficult. But sometimes when I succeed in doing a little bit about it, I feel a kind of relieve. Something like waking up from a dream, like if it is too much closed with myself.

If those aliens let myself to see this, they completely knew what they are doing. May be they knew that I won't run to police station and don't call home and would keep being like Alice from Wonderland for few more years ? Did they know that I'm going to remember it ? Did they know that I'm going to survive this mentally and pass the message to others ? Did they want me to pass the message to others ? Was it a kind of experiment that I've seen what other people couldn't and what will be my reaction and what will be other peoples reaction ?

I'm much less nervous about it than i was year ago. It was something hard to describe now. My body and my mind were 24 hours in tension. Just pure tension and lot of headaches. Now it's much better but I have to take lot of rest and do least work possible. Not that I don't want, but it turns my energy upside down.

I don't know what meaning this message to humanity shall bring, if any.

I've just remembered how at the moment, when I was returned exactly back to this physical body and felt again being in the body, lying on the bed, completely motionless, kind of shock of what am I doing here, that I have nothing to do with this body, family and world and life, that I'm just coexisting within this physical existence and so on, things passing through my mind with great clarity and speed , which is something hard to explain now and then I started to turn my eyes round the darkness in the room and there was this tremendous force from the other side, humming like an engine , covering everything and everybody, flashing with lights through the dark space, lights of very deep red, blue and violet colours, and then suddenly IT ALL started to move slowly and consciously upwards, like if you lift a cover, at that moment it was completely frightening force and I knew it's not going to harm me, even though I was quite awake and saw it and other were sleeping, but I was scared and you'd be too, and there was nothing I could do about it. And I started to repeat myself some prayers, because the force was overwhelming, but I knew perfectly, that no prayer or human effort could reverse the course of happenings. It was completely funny reaction of my mind which tried ''to do something'', but it was like if you want to stop the train by charms or something like that. It was not human force and it was much stronger that what we know and I had no power over it.

Later morning I was somehow convinced about the existence of ET encounters in general , out of nothing. I have not seen fully how it happened, I was just inside and then I was ''transferred'' back, I don't know, who else was there to cause this, except what I've seen inside. But it was very physical force which entered the place and was responsible, not me. And later this event opened my memory in relation to alien beings and since then on I always remembered at least little bit of ET encounters I've ever had. But none of them was so clear and grounding and explicit as this one. So there is some broader context to this happening as far as what I've been through but I don't understand it yet.

As I recall the event and remember that part of that strange energy became attached to my body, and it is there until now and it feels like if you meet something weird and then its starts tingling around your spine and then you shake it off. But this I can't quite never shake off completely , because it's too ''dense'', and it stays with you, and sometimes it's really too much and causes me to be completely hysterical , but even if I use any physical methods , it doesn't go away. And I was three more years high in the mountains, did exercise with myself, eat pure foods, did meditations, tried a lot of things...and still it is with me.And I suppose it caused more than few strange ailments I've been through since that time and it also prevents me from feeling really calm and fine on various occasions. I've really tried almost everything to work it out, my spiritual teachers understood to some extent what happened but they couldn't do much about it.

So I'm not quite sure how to deal with this energy and if it evaporates with some longer time, it's 4 years already , but this is very unpleasant side effect or whatever is it. I don't even know if there is something to help to shake this off or if I have to leave it as it is, but I'd certainly call this a problem. I forget that it exists but it doesn't stop existing just because I forget it.

Religious Point

I've been member of at least three major religious systems in my life, Christian , Hindu and Buddhist. I respect other peoples religions and faith, and try to explore their meaning deep in my soul, and believe that those faiths are part of our deep human understanding, which developed differently in various parts of the world , within different cultural backgrounds. I view all of them as our path to Light, Spiritual Consciousness , which should help us to evolve as mature and intelligent beings, filled with love and compassion to all living creatures. I think that only very immature beings do quarrel because of their religious backgrounds . I think that our future generations should become much more tolerant , educated and more open minded than ourselves.

I've found precious gems of wisdom and excellent personalities within each of those many traditions I've encountered and think, that I've done a lot to meet with genuine spirituality. I don't like sectarianism and don't like sceptics, who believe nothing including themselves and disrespect everybody around. I've always tried to avoid such people and their discussions, if I see that they have done really nothing to explore the spiritual point on their own and any deeper knowledge about others religions is lacking in them.

I think that as human beings , our intelligence should be guided by higher ideals than we see in this world and that we are free to learn and to choose our believes. If we refuse to learn and refuse to know, it is called ignorance . Ignorance hurts. Ignorance leads to wars and stupid quarrels between friends. Ignorance is often the crucial point which divides life and death. Ignorance exists and we all suffer from not knowing. Even I don't suffer from what I know, relating to the encounter, but from what I don't know .

Ignorance, within science or religion or in ones' daily life, is to be fought by research and education. And good believe in good ends. That is why I feel free to relate this story out of any religious context , especially because its content was certainly not connected to any religion and not connected to faith of those thousands peoples around me.

It was not Buddhist or Christian vision of Universe. It was rather completely excluded from the present context and even if I've had entered to the other side as pure minded and not indoctrinated little human being, on the other side there was nothing human after all , everything about us was extraterrestrial. Well, it had to be different, if you imagine that it's past 80 millions(?) years, the technology was not of this Earth and we were in very different state of physical and mental existence. Through all these differences , it was the same ''me'', who was there and who is living this life, which was certainly good to know.

Our ''religious believes'' that time were , let us say, very broad minded. We had nothing such as organized rituals or religion, no idols to worship, no meditations or practices to follow. Probably we did not need them. But it doesn't mean that we were not highly spiritual entities , on contrary we were at the very universal point of dedication to what would be called today ''humanitarian purposes'' and our sole existence was in service to other less developed beings and civilizations. We had very deep respect to the idea of what ''LIFE'' is, as far as I remember. We were too sensitive to injure voluntarily any living being or misuse its rights to exist as free and en spirited creature. We all were very far from such behavior.

We were also not just ''light beings'', freely moving within universe, as some would imagine, we had all the peculiar characteristics of our specie and indeed we were in possession of advanced technological inventions. Our life that time , was not a compromise between technics and spirituality , ethics and reason, as it is now so often, but rather joined all those views within single frame of mind , firmly frequenting beyond such diversities . It was another state of body and mind , another place of belonging , which allowed us to be so, because we had no pain of our own, we were not ''born to suffer'', so naturally we didn't believe in punishment. Since our nature was purely good and didn't alter from its exalted level, we didn't fight with sins and didn't strive for salvation. We existed in such conditions for millions of our own years and didn't expect any evil to come.

With regards to the accident, it was not subject of any philosophical dispute at the beginning. It was just accidental coincidence, when something in the operation system of the ship collapsed and we were forced to land down here. There was no ''higher purpose'' in what happened to us. All we understood was that it happened and we landed at nearest suitable place. If the place was so suitable or not , I'm not called to judge. All of those ''worldly religions'' came to being after the fall of the previous beings to state of ''human beings''. Their mind and bodies suffered so much, that they couldn't imagine anymore their existence to be pure. They started to seek blame in themselves and redemption in mystical heavens and spiritual practices. They invented many ideas of ''why'' are we really here.

There was no way how to alleviate the suffering and there was really no one to blame. I've just observed what happened, I was just witness to this and probably lucky enough. This experience was very unconnected to any of my previous believes. It didn't make me to believe something else either. Well, it could, because it was so dramatic presentation of my own and others reality, that I've certainly lost any real religious believe for some time, if not for ever, except the one , which is deeply sealed to my heart and which is, I'd say, naturally religious. If I was very direct with myself and what I've seen, I'd loose all of my old religious prejudice. It's not that I've regarded them as invalid, but I had quite another point of view to see them. However I just happened to be on the place, where everybody else was just praying, and I've seen the deep struggle in peoples minds , tears in their eyes, I've seen how faith makes them to survive this world ....and I've decided never to interfere with the religious point, whatever it was, if it served for good purpose.

Because I've seen earlier in my life, that it's sometimes purely spiritual idea, however unreasonable and timely, which helps us to cross over distant shores of our existence, when no other means are available. I've felt always deeply inspired by many forms of spiritual understanding and I am in debt to all of them one way or another. So what I've been through is still certainly very difficult for me, personally, but I've not tried to harm seriously my ethical or ''religious'' conduct, even if I felt it actually harms me to stay with people with whom I can't share what I've been through.

Beginning of Human Civilization...

I think, all it did with me was, that I've got an answer to this eternal and burning ''who am I, who am I ?" question, which was certainly good psychological achievement, if nothing else. I think that most of serious spiritual seekers and philosophers are somewhat obsessed with this question. As well as I was and as was taught to be.

The difference between scientists and philosophers is in their attitude to the attempt to solve it..practically or mentally...by any means.

If I look back at religions and spiritual teachings, the question of ones identity and search for very basic answers to ones human life in the frame of Universe serves as a focus point of all of them. It's like if in the centre of the great religious labyrinth there is the inner sanctuary and inside there is some unsolvable puzzle, riddle or mystery enough mysterious, that none of mortals ever wins over the puzzle as such.

Not long after this happened to me, just the next morning, I was wondering, if this is the answer to mysterious prohibition inside secret societies and religious circles, if there are people, who already know it, or who knew it ever before and try to protect the Truth from everyone in order to exercise mental power over the masses, over religions and secular law as well.

I don't say it is so, but in those very early times, after we came here, the Truth was quite protected and guarded by such people, who called themselves the priests of Truth. It happened because one day they could not find the ship anymore. I don't know what exactly happened to it, as I've said earlier, if it could fly away, sunk underground, or remain on the other side, but there were artifacts from the ship with people all around, who used to carry out all portable pieces of ''something'', and built a large ''exchange market'' with them at the beginning.

It was more for fun and it was their collective hobby.

I was walking once, on the other side, around large pile of such collected items and those people, whom it belonged, changed ''good pieces'' for another ''interesting pieces'' with chance passers.

There were not many people on Earth that time , meetings were scarce and the ship served both as meeting point and place to amuse oneself .

After the ship disappeared from there, can't say, how many years or millions of years after the landing, whatever was left with people, were probably those artifacts they've collected , few good memories and plenty of legends. I suppose , that some of them started to worry about that if all people, who remember it, disappear, there'll be no one to know the Truth.

So they surrounded those artifacts and people by walls of temples and labyrinths, trying to hide them from general turmoil. It was because that violence and crimes became widespread already within ''human'' population, people were meat eaters already that time , and the civilization was several times in deep history divided to good and bad extremist groups. It means that good beings were extremely good and had to hide from the others, who were extremely bad.

Several times those, who were bad, destroyed themselves subsequently and new, better civilization arose from the ashes. However, the basic bio-information was mutating all of the time, and new races with unpredictable behavioral patterns were ready to spring out of its womb. It's hard to estimate how many human civilizations and great archetypes of ''human being'' emerged and declined since then.

The Truth about our origins was probably protected until certain time . It gave the right and might to ancient groups of people, who were regarded secret or sacred, and what they did after all was, that they misused their rights. When the last of them passed away and no one longer took care about what the Truth really is, legends and substitute truth entered to the sanctuaries.

From certain time there was no truth already, but mysteries remained, with unknown questions and powers. There was no chance to entrust people with such Truth again, from the other side, I mean, from the original dimension of reality, even if people searched and longed to know. It is because people in general were very backwards, power obsessed, violent and mindless, and they'd never believed those few, who remembered anything. They'd curse them for being fools and heretics.

Thus the Truth stayed on the other side with beings who survived the fall and who occasionally even tried to enter to their sister-like human dimension in order to help with human suffering. Between those dimensions, there is deep abyss of emptiness. In that emptiness, heavens and hells appear to human beings. There appear to exist infinite number of worlds, which do not exist actually, but they are of energetic discrepancy between the original dimension and this locally transformed plane of being.

They appear as real as possible and their nature is timeless. That's why innumerable souls can travel within those dimensions in between. The original dimension is behind all of them. It is as real as this one. It is also physical , also logical and not transformed by anything. That is why our own identity is not altered there to something or somebody else as those in those ''in between''. It's a long way practically to reach from either side to the other one. It requires special energetic impulse and intentions in order to go and reach. It can not happen by itself.

What I mean to say is, that at least one of my questions about life was answered in the ship, and no Earthly teacher, school or authority could ever answer it to me . And I don't suppose that they know it actually. It also answered to me the unspoken question about human history and evolution, even if I never thought, that it interests me that much. But now I know, that such questions are dormant in our mind, deep inside, and push us to follow endless searches and inquiries , experiments with nature and ourselves and so on.

I've thought just as I was coming back to myself, oh, how happy I'm that the Darwin theory is not true, that we didn't evolve here from other species than ourselves, that we have our sovereign origin as a species. I thought that it's the reason why we feel so distinctly spiritual and even if we forgot, our intuition suggests, that we are children of Divinity. At least.

I never thought that deeply about human origins that I could claim this to be result of my pondering. I had just vague idea about how we were created by/from the Spirit and thought that it's a deep mystery, which we won't be able to solve yet. I'm bit afraid of all those genetic research and manipulation attempts, now as before, I think that people and their bodies are used as experimental material for research. And who can ever predict the ends...

As I was not familiar with those alien-hybrid theories, I didn't suspect that we were created by aliens, call them as you like, or something like that. This entry to original space of our landing didn't suggest anything of that kind. We were ''original species'' in that sense, that we were created by the original intelligence of Universe as such, in our home, in time, which can be hardly expressed in human numbers. It's because here the time evolves comparatively quickly.

Back to other ET beings influence, I'm sure, that occasional genetic attempts to challenge or improve our race were made in very deep past already, but no way it means, that they've created us ! If they say such things to people, they're definitely lying.

With regards to the time inconsistency of ours and theirs, since we've been here, let us say, 80 millions years ago and they came to visit the place much later, they have no real knowledge, at least most of them, wherefrom these ''human beings'' come and how they happened to be such as they are.

So most of them does not know our origins and they constantly mistake us for some underdeveloped species of unknown origins. They themselves have various theories about who we are and how did we came here or so, and they try to enforce them to people. They are very interested in our biological material, but they never yet deciphered, what is it ''made from''.

Same to us, who searched a similar way and didn't. It is because we can't imagine yet, that the biological condition might emerge from above to down, in physical consequence, and not from down to up , as science predicts. As it is becoming more clear to me now, such answer as I've got, presupposes more questions to me than I've ever dared to think about.

I'm afraid that none of my ''human'' answers would equal the knowledge gathered on the other side. It is simply because our mind and abilities were originally at least thousand times more precise and empowered than my human abilities. I still hope very much that if we awoke and joined our inner efforts in order to know the Truth, we could come close to achievement. For the answer intriguingly enough seems to be beyond science and religion and yet containing both of them in its heart. It all as well seemed to depend on interaction with another entities , so I've really no idea, after all, where this world is racing to, but I think, that we have to create our future instead of trying to predict it.

In my opinion,some of those original ET beings are now our ''inner'' bodies, which we usually experience as the soul or Spirit or mind, but they are so tight to our everyday living earthly schedule, that we recognize just little bit of their nature. And even if they are released out of the body, still we do not know how do they look, because we miss the mirror like perception of others around and of the right environment where they belong.

That's where our inspirations, ideas, intuitions and original deep intentions are being born, where our fantasy springs from and seat of our higher ethical views and abstract understanding. We think that this is just a tiny part of ourselves and search for the seat of mind somewhere in brain or body centers, but these original spirit like bodies are just somehow attached to our physical bodies and they form unified field of experience of our human identity.

In reality they are quite independent bodies with their sovereign functions and not just a misty cloud as one would imagine, not just a sphere of consciousness or principal wisdom.

But they don't have full freedom of expression or comprehension in this world, because this physical dimension is ruled by its own physical laws and these laws can't be altered easily. As much as we try there still remain rules of this space and time, because we all are dependent on nature and environment as well as we were dependent before, but our original entities came from another world with different laws and there is no way for them to accustom to this world without loosing their nature.

So two separate dimensions split from the original, one remained same but unrelated to the one which transformed itself to our today's visible physical bodies. And those domains of reality are quite far from each other by quality which they entertain. So it all gives rise to many questions like if there is chance to connect well these two realities...or if we have to let our biology work on its own pace of evolution to be later transformed to new race of spiritual beings. If this process lasts very long, if we are going to regain back our life forms or if we have to leave them here like old cloth at the moment of death.

These and more are some complicated questions of mine with regard to this encounter.


Major thanks for existence, revision and publishing of the text belong to B.J.Booth, friends and members of UFO Casebook Forum and various human and non-human entities who had been helping me to overcome dangerous moments on path of this life. This fragment of actual living observation of ET encounters is dedicated to all thoughtful beings who do not regard their knowledge and predictions as final and have an open inquiring spirit of true investigation within the frame of their own mind.

Even if there are more questions than answers left after each of our ET. encounters, their meaning penetrates to deepest cores of our knowledge and is worthy of retrospective consideration. Thanks to all who are going to share the experience with us.

Written by...Eva Zemanova

Archived UFO Articles and News Items, 2006

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