UFO: From Canada to Italy and Return-The ET Plate
UFO Daniela Giordano

June 19, 2007-In the year 1967 an Italian immigrant (L.R.) was living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. He lived in a little room in 92nd Street, rented from an Ukraine family. The room, about mt.3 x 2,70, was beneath the roof and had a window looking towards the North-East. And it was this window gave him the chance to witness a strange phenomenon.

It was a cold Saturday of November 4th 1967, but the weather was otherwise quite good. And it was about 11.30 p.m. when L.R. came back home after spending the evening with some Italian friends living in 95th Street. As soon as he was in his spartanly furnished room, he started to prepare a cup of coffee before going to bed. He placed the coffee machine on the gas-ring and waiting for the coffee to come through, smoking a cigarette, and looking out of his window. He could see the sky and part of the Saskatchewan river, at that moment iced-up, running alongside the Riverside Municipal Golf Course far from the window - about 1500 meters as the crow flies.

Just a few minutes of contemplation of the landscape…then, suddenly, L.R. spotted a brilliant light in the dark sky. It came from the East headed fast towards the North and moving on, perpendicular to his point of observation. At first, he thought it was a aeroplane, because the airport was not far away, but its path and its behavior attracted his attention.

In fact the brilliant dot started to become lower. Then it stopped, starting to emit an intense pulsating light. He noticed now its globular shape. The size was double that of a car’s headlight. The light was now fixed in the dark sky emanating a pulsating reddish light. Suddenly the light went off. And the object was no longer visible. But in the position where the object should have been, a bright blue ring appeared, becoming bigger and bigger while it was directed towards the ground until it disappeared. This phenomena of the rings was repeated 3 times. Then the object re-appeared with its reddish pulsating light.

It remained there for about 10 minutes. It was about 11.45 p.m. when another extremely faint light came away from the main object and rapidly moved towards the ground in an oblique path. At this point L.R. switched off the light in his room, turned off the gas-ring, and full of fear and curiosity, took his place again at the window.

The little object was now at about the level of 500 meters. It started to slow down, almost stopping, then started again to slow down, still headed towards the ground. Now L.R. could see it clearly. It was round, terribly squashed at the poles. It was a silver color. It emanated a soft violet light. It rotated slowly on itself and emitted a buzzing sound like an electric transformer. It flew over the Saskatchewan river and landed on the grass of the Riverside Municipal Golf Course - far from his window - about 1.500 meters as the crow flies. There, the light of the object went out. It remained extinguished for about 5 minutes. Then it lit up again and took off towards the main object, still fixed in the same point as before. When the little object reached the main object, it was literally swallowed by the main object. Then, it started to move slowly, then fast, at the same time that light became more brilliant and pulsating, then it disappeared towards the North.

The day after, November 5th, Sunday, L.R. woke up early and looked in the newspaper for some news about the phenomenon. He couldn't find any news, so he decided to look at the location of the landing. He needed about half an hour to find, on the grass, the traces of the landing: a ring of 5 meters of squashed grass. At a distance of about two meters from the ring's edge there were some holes in the ground of about 10 cm. in diameter. He was leaving the spot when a twinkling on the grass attracted his attention. A piece of metal peeped out among the blades of grass. It was a square plate like copper, with strange characters and writing engraved on it. The size of the plate was cm. 17,3 wide by cm. 12,5 high. Thickness: mm 1 about. He took the plate home with him.

In the days that followed he looked again for a story in the newspapers, but still didn’t find anything. He was afraid and he didn’t know what was better to do. At last he decided not to declare the phenomena (would anyone have believed his story ?)to the police because he was in a foreign country, because he was an immigrant and because he didn’t wish to have problems with his passport.

Six years later he was able to come back to Italy. And he brought the plate with him.

I think it was approximately in the year 1976 (or maybe 1977) when I read this story in an Italian magazine. The black & white photo of the plate published beside the article had attracted my attention. After some telephone calls to the magazine I obtained the telephone numbers of Mr. L.R. who was living in Southern Italy. Thus, I got in telephone contact with him. He confirmed the story and told me he was not interested in analyzing the plate. It was just like a lucky mascot for him stored in his strongbox and this interest about his story was starting to disturb him. Moreover, he didn't have much interest in UFOs and related matters. So, after this conversation, we agreed, I arranged to send a friend of mine, living closer to his town, with the task of taking a photo of this strange plate.

Since then I didn’t have any further contact with him. As far as I know, no other researchers have ever studied or done research on this plate. And during all these years no other magazine or newspaper has ever written a single word about this story.

I can just offer a couple of personal simple terrestrial explanations: I think that piece of metal could have been left there intentionally. The UFO occupants wanted someone from this planet to see the event and investigate the spot. In fact, the finding, without the sighting, would have not stirred up any curiosity and surely the plate would have ended in the rubbish sack of the Municipal Riverside Golf Course gardeners.

It is funny to think that whilst on the 4th November in Edmonton this plate was left on the grass of a popular golf course; a few months before, on the 3th June, in St. Paul, a little town in Alberta, an independent group inaugurated the first UFO platform in the world. The sign beside the pad reads: "The zone beneath the World's First UFO Landing Pad was named "international" by the Town of St. Paul as a symbol of our faith that mankind will keep the outer universe free from national wars and strife. That future travel in space will be safe for all intergalactic beings, all visitors from Earth or elsewhere are welcome to this territory and to the Town of St. Paul." Beautiful, romantic, full of good intentions and unattainable. I do not think that today it would be possible to write the same concept somewhere else easily.

At that time the Minister of the Canadian Defense was Paul Hellyer and he was a guest of honour at the opening. He attended because he found the idea of a UFO platform innovative and progressive but he thought the topic was not important from the political point of view. He considered it a part of the fantasy world rather than part of reality. But now, after almost 40 years, Paul Hellyer has drastically changed his mind. Last year, in fact, he was a guest speaker in Toronto at the conference “Exopolitics Toronto: A Symposium on UFO Disclosure and Planetary Direction”. It is not my intention to convince anyone what UFOs are, if alien life forms exist or are visiting Earth, I am aware this is a controversial matter between normal people. I am just offering this story in an attempt to provide unbiased information for research purposes or for those just interested in the subject.

It must be added here that we earthlings have sent small and large plaques,(artefacts and even video recordings) into space (1972, 1973 and 1977) with the intention of letting our existence be, and I see no reason why the contrary shouldn't be the case.

Photo of the plate found in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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