Small UFO Exploding Caught on Video in Brazil
UFO Editor's note: I am only passing along this report from Brazil. The video does not show the alleged UFO explode as the article seems to indicate. I have all the respect in the world for the diligence of Mr. Gevaerd, and there may be a reasonable explanation for this . If any more information becomes available I will post it here. {B J}

Dear Colleagues:

On November 11, 2006, the Brazilian UFO Magazine received through its website's contact area a really interesting message. The person who submitted it wants to remain anonymous, so we are keeping his ID on record. I can only say that he is a communication engineer with several specializations and at a good position in a large company.

His message contained an astounding report of small UFOs seen in State of Ceará, Northeast of Brazil. These small UFOs are common in Brazil. They range from a few centimeters to a few meters in diameter, and apparently are self or remotely controlled, with no crews. They have also been seen all over the world. The WW2 foo-fighters could very well be a “version” of them. In Brazil, witnesses of such phenomena can be found literally anywhere. They call these objects “sondas”, which can be freely translated as “devices” or “probes”.

The witnesses report that the sondas can get close to people, animals and houses, sometime entering them (using doors, windows or just through the wall and ceiling). The sondas also seem to react to people’s feelings, but approaching them or going away if the witnesses feel delighted to see them or afraid of them. The sondas can enlarge and contract themselves, change colors and more rarely format, but the most amazing thing is that they seem to reside permanently in some places. Generations of the same families have witnessed sondas in action in rural areas close to small hills, creeks, rocky terrain etc.

Now, for some reason, it has been extremely hard to take photos and films of the sondas, and very few are known. However, the engineer that wrote to the Brazilian UFO Magazine has succeeded in taking photos and 12-second video of a sonda with his cell phone. He also reported have seen, with his soon, several sondas in action. And at certain point one of them just exploded in front of his eyes. He then got a few fragments from the ground, still emanating some sort of light, and took pictures of them with his cell. They are below.

A very detailed and comprehensive article about the sondas has ben published at the Brazilian UFO Magazine edition 120 (below). You can have a copy of it in Portuguese at the address provided. The author is the Brazilian UFO researcher and consultant of the Brazilian UFO Magazine Paulo Baraky Werner, president of the Centro de Investigações e Pesquisas de Fenômenos Aéreos Não Identificados (Cipfani).

Despite the fact that the images provided by the engineer are in very low resolution, as he has made them with his cell, they are tremendously important to Ufology and very unique. The small video he did is attached (and at the address provided). We are in contact by e-mail with the engineer, who still refuses to be personally interviewed, and we have obtained substantial details of his experience, which is being analyzed and will be published very soon.


A. J. Gevaerd,
Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

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Editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine

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