FAA's Credibility & Veracity Over O'Hare UFO
by Don Ledger
UFO Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2007 12:56:27 -0400

Initially when the O'Hare UFO sighting occurred, the FAA [Federal Aviation Authority] in the United States declared it a weather phenomenon. Not only was this an ill thought out and silly explanation with no regard to the actual times involved but probably issued by the wrong agency.

The FAA has no expertise in the area of anomalous aerial objects reported by not only the civilian population but by military pilots, general aviation and commercial aviation which involves airliners and air freighters. The real expertise where the aviation portion of the FAA is concerned is with the pilots who actually fly the airplanes not with the civil servants and ground bound employees of the FAA.

Why is it we are always acquiescing to an uninformed authority when it comes to explaining these objects. There are various departments in the FAA that are concerned with aviation regulations and the whole system of air traffic control. The section of the FAA dealing with media relations is peopled by ex-media people.

Other positions in the FAA are populated with supervisors and managers who don't know an aileron from an empennage. Some of these persons are parachuted into these jobs by political representatives who have to pay off a favor to the individuals and reward them with a federal job with the perks and pensions that apply thereto. The same thing applies in Canada at Transport Canada and other federal agencies. Some employees are aviation savvy and are experts in their fields but usually at the technical level where accidents and air traffic control are concerned. They might have the expertise but do not have the ear of the public.

Often policy making at the top levels is concerned with keeping the system of air travel running and making money. Any perceived threat to that trend such as a UFO report at a federally operated and controlled airport is quickly dealt with by the media representatives of the top levels of management not any expert at the FAA. They have no expert in this area.

The response to a UFO report such as that of O'Hare on Nov .7, 2006 is knee jerk in nature and not an informed one. In this regard Jon and other reporters should note that in their articles. Even the weather response had no credibility as informed scientific fact and that too should be noted.

It should have been asked where this expertise came from... certainly the FAA does not process it. This is the purview of the US Weather Service. They have the scientists who are knowledgeable about weather phenomena, not the FAA.

The history should be checked for this phenomenon of the UFO and the study by those informed in this area by the media. The media falls down and frankly dismal in its approach to these reports; often the questions they ask and their attitude toward it are embarrassingly simpleminded. In Jon's case, he at least treated it as a puzzling event - and I was one who sent him one of those hundreds of e-mails he received - praising him for doing so. He took the trouble to issue and FOIA request and stirred up a hornets nest as a result. This attention to detail is not always the case.

The databases regarding pilot reports of UFOs/UAP number in the thousands some of which include highly dangerous near misses and in some cases collisions with these things never mind the on-record incidents of pilots reporting these objects harassing them and then never being seen again with ATC losing contact with them while they on the radio reporting the episode. This is a fact not fiction. This can be a dangerous phenomenon often not reported by pilots because they fear just the kind of nonsense offered up by the FAA for the O'Hare incident.

Often they are made to look the fool. I find it curious and very disturbing that United Airlines have attempted to subvert freedom of speech by ordering their employees not to speak of this incident. A few thoughts in a limited forum.


Don Ledger

Pilot, Author "Swissair Down' the crash of Swissair Flight 111.

NARCAP Representative for Canada.

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