Unknown Objects Photographed over Niagara Falls

During a recent trip to Niagara my husband and I were out site seeing out side the Galleria mall taking pictures we were having lots of fun talking pictures. I decided to head to the look out point where you could see the Falls. It was a bright sunny day just wispy clouds in the sky. There was no rain forecast that day.

I was standing over the point and within a few minutes it got really dark , & clouds just seem to roll out of nowhere. I stood on the point talking to my husband and I kept seeing something silver out the corner of my eye no more than rough guess 60 yards out. My ears had pressure on them like when you go in an air plane and your ears pop. Well my husband had asked me if my ears were hurting and I said "You too?" He nodded.

Something else had caught my attention as well. There were people picnicking all over the place on the grass and benches and seagulls were everywhere but then when the ear thing happened there was not one seagull to be found any where.

I had noticed too that some of the children that were wondering about were talking about their ears hurting too. I had looked at my watch and realized we needed to snap some pictures and get going if we were going to spend some time looking around.

I took some pictures of the Falls and came back home and put them on the computer and had a look at them and realized I caught what looked like 3 small orbs making a 90 degree pattern in the air over the Falls.

I took a few moon pictures to show the cloud cover after the orbs had disappeared. I still think about that day a lot how weird every thing felt including how dead the air was that day over the point like the life was sucked out of every thing.

Here are some photos of that day with time and date stamp.


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