Farnham, South East England Newspaper Sightings Report
UFO Hi, I noticed recently that there have been a lot of sightings posted on your site which are taking place in South East England.

I live right on the Hampshire border in a small town called Farnham, and hold a keen interest in UFOs and other phenomenon. Anyway a few weeks ago I spotted an article in my local paper, The Farnham Herald, about a local sighting which I though might be of some interest considering the other recent sightings. It seems the SE area has become a bit of a hot bed of activity over the last month.

I've copied the article (apologies if you find any typos), but have altered the names of the persons involved for thier own privacy.

UFO Sightings Claim - Farnham, South East England, 11/8/07

Unidentified flying objects have been spotted hovering over Farnham this week which residents say was so out of the ordinary it was a "once in a lifetime experience".

The "array of clear orange lights" were sighted near Beavers Road on the western side of Farnham on Saturday (August 11th) just after 10 pm and according to Elizabeth Smith, travelled from west to east across the town without making the slightest sound.

Mrs Smith said: "My husband, Robert, had taken our dog into the garden for his nightly sniff. He was out for some minutes before he ran back into the house telling me to come outside and what did I think it was?

"I followed him down to the field which is at the back of our house to witness this bizarre occurrence. He had already seen several of these lights travel over. I saw two large clear orange lights directly over head, travelling steadily at about the same height and speed as a light aircraft might, followed by three more, which were in a triange formation and then a string of three or four others.

"The night was clear with no clouds or wind. I expect many people would have been out and about and i wonder how many people saw this incredible and awe inspiring sight. I am aware that a meteorite shower (The Perseids) were due this weekend but what we saw was quite a different phenomenon.

"My husband used to work over at the RAE (Royal Aircraft Establishment) for many years and knows how aircraft behave and even he was bemused by what he saw. He did not think it was an aircraft.

"We're not crack pots or mad. We're just normal people who have seen what seems to be an extra ordinary event. We would just like to know what it was we saw".

**Names changed to protect privacy**

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