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The files on this page come from the FBI's list of UFO files as released through the Freedom of Information Act. The files are quite lengthy, and are in the .PDF format.

There are 11 groups of UFO files, containing a total of approximately 1,600 files. The twelfth is a short memo on the Roswell crash.

The files on the Majestic-12 relate to an FBI inquiry into the possible unauthorized disclosure of classified information when a document marked "Top Secret" was made public. This investigation was closed after the government deemed that the document was bogus.

There is one small file relating to the Air Force's Project Bluebook for the investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. The Secretary of the Air Force discontinued this program in 1969.

The records on animal mutilations relate to an investigation in various states during the late 1970's. Over the years, several theories have been expounded to explain the mutilations, including UFOs, satanic cults, pranksters, unknown government agencies, or natural predators. The FBI entered the case when 15 mutilations occurred in New Mexican Indian country. The investigation was negative with respect to identifying the individuals responsible.

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UFO Files, Group 11 UFO Files, Roswell Memo
The Majestic-12 Project Bluebook
Cattle Mutilations (1) Cattle Mutilations (2)
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