Secret UFO Video Filmed by Finnish Officials Published

Finnish officials have filmed UFOs by infrared video at least twice, November 2003 and April 2005. The Finnish UFO Research Association FUFORA has received the videos for further analysis.

“No normal explanations have been found, neither by officials nor UFO researchers”, says Tapani Koivula, chairman of FUFORA.

Finnish UFO researchers are pioneers in the field of infrared photography. During the UFO flap in the late 1960´s and early 1970´s they got plenty of UFO infra red photos. It seems that UFOs mostly appear on the infra red level.

Also abroad UFO videos have been captured on infra red film. On April the 5th 2004 Mexican pilots filmed strange light balls that surrounded their aeroplane. The video was presented also in Finland via MTV Morning TV.

According to the representatives of FUFORA the UFOs filmed by Finnish officials resemble the objects seen and filmed abroad lately. “A rod shape is typical,” says Mr. Koivula. “This is not the first time our officials have got UFO sightings. Many Air Force and Finnair pilots have seen UFOs during the last 50 years. Both the Finnish Air Force and Finnair have followed the general international style not to publish the sightings. They feel that because there are no normal explanations for UFOs, it is better to be silent. Ilpo Koskinen, pilot and UFO researcher, estimated that every fourth pilot has seen UFOs.”

The film has been edited by adding slo-mo of the last few seconds of original film to end of video. (B J)

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