Large, Black Flying Object Photographed over Fire Island National Seashore, NY
UFO What name would you like to use on report?

Theodore P.

City, State, Country of sighting?

Fire Island National Seashore, New York USA

Date and Time of Sighting?

11 am EST June 23, 2006

Shape, Size, and Color of UFO?

3 of them square/diamond? flat and very large black/fading out to clear almost, like a slow pulse?

Name of other Witnesses?

Girlfriend (She doesn't want to make a fuss, No names) maybe a few deer, but they were already spooked by us I think. :)

Did you see or hear any airplanes or helicopters?

No sound, No planes for like 5-10 min after, but lots of planes go thru on the way to JFK.

Weather conditions at time of sighting?

Sunny blue sky with white clouds

Were there any unusual smells associated with the sighting?


Were there any electromagnetic effects, like engine stalling, etc?

Don't know was walking on sand road, No machines nearby.

Did you experience any "missing time?"


Were there any pictures or videos taken of the object/s?

Yes, was taking picturess of deer, then saw them, 1 shot came out, it was moving fast, I took with a Fuji Finepix digital camera, takes a few seconds to shoot, 1st picture of deer, then I see them, 2nd picture I got almost all 3 of them in frame, 3rd picture they were gone, just got part of my finger.

Please give all details of the sighting that you can recall.

Walking with girlfriend down sand road near lighthouse at national seashore. Was taking a picture of deer, saw large dark shapes moving fast from southwest passing almost overhead to Northeast.

They were dark when I noticed but also seemed to fade in/out to transparent almost clear in a cycle.

Pointed and took a shot overhead, by the time the camera was ready for another they were gone, very, very fast; silent.

I kind of freaked or I would have put the camera in movie mode but it was over as soon as it started.

Maybe some new kind of stealth plane? huge though. They were behind the clouds and the clouds were pretty high up. My friend said they looked like some kind of stealth plane when I showed him the pictures. I think they were too big and stealth planes stay black, not clear.

A big thanks to Theo for sending in his report.


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