Unknown Objects/ Planes Photographed over Florida, 08-13-06-UFO Casebook Files

Unknown Objects/ Planes Photographed over Florida, 08-13-06
UFO BJ I was out at 4:30 PM today and took pictures and Video which I have not viewed as of yet. Around 4:40 PM I heard the sound of a jet which I think is Military but did not see it so I just snapped the photo in the area which I heard the sound and this is what I got.

The jet looks like it's flying between the objects and it's in a turning pattern (wings vertical) and there are 5 objects that I could see in the photo only. (I didn't see anything with the naked eye)

One clearly has the shape of that disk I saw Friday and the others are a bit far to make them out. The area is south of me towards Boca Raton.

I also have some other photos of jets flying by and I snapped some pictures to see if anything was following and some of the photos have objects near the planes which I'm also sending.

The Plane and Jet shots are looking towards the east.

BJ I don't knows what's going on in this area but I have been telling you for a few months now that I have been seeing a lot of Objects at night and the High Flying Military Planes have been flying over as well. The Military knows these objects are coming to this area. Maybe it will cool down after a bit but I have been seeing stuff since May of this year and I don't know what to make of it.

A big thanks to JC for sending in his report and photographs.


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