UFO Photographs from Florida, 2003

Let me show you a few UFO photographs from 10-05-03. The third night in a row they were out over the Gulf, at Cape Coral.

Oh, by the way, Cape Coral is due north of Key West-150 miles or less. It was this series of sightings that prompted me to email Mufon. I told them they were out here almost every night. I told them our camera was older tech and if they came down here with good equipment they could get some fantastic shots.

I am going to send you four shots: two shots showing distant objects in the dark- maybe 40 miles away- down near Naples- that way they cold cover the estuary systems from Tampa to the straits of Florida- it makes sense- at the beginning of November, 2003, the U.S. government announced that the "black tide" had returned to those waters.

I think they were studying the effects of the pollution and the black water. It's just a thought, but that is how Linda got those great photos.

In the progression series I showed you how they used light to hide their design. Some of the earlier shots the lines running horizontally, but the sequence showed the lines vertically. Then boom- the horizontal and vertical make little boxes- but the basic design remains.

Thanks to Eugene for sending in his information and photographs


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