Abduction report from Florida, 2003
UFO Depiction
I was sitting outside one night reading. All of the sudden it felt as though...as though something was smothering me. I started to panic because I couldn't breathe. I tried to scream but nothing came out. Then the edges of my vision became blurry and more and more of my vision started getting that way until it looked like I was looking through a screen of smoke.

Suddenly I felt cold all over (and I not only live in Florida so that's unusual, but I also never get cold) Then when my vision cleared I was in a room. The room was pure white with what I think was flourecent lights all over the place. I was laying on a hard surface. I saw movement off in the distance but I couldn't make out who or what it was. All my fear was gone. I felt numb all over. I remember closing my eyes and not too long after I felt some one grab my wrist. I opened my eyes and there was what looked like a human female only taller then any one I've seen standing above me.

Their skin was rough and cold and their eyes looked like they saw everything and knew everything. They took a sharp instrument and made a small slice in my hand. Then I felt something crawling up my arm. I couldn't see it but I could feel it. It was heading for the cut. I wasn't afraid. It was like I -wanted- it to happen. Then all of a sudden I couldn't feel it any more.

I saw more movement in the background and voices talking in a language I couldn't understand (and I'm the kind of person who can tell you off in 133 different languages) Then something passed over my face and I think it had made me fall asleep or knocked me out or something.

I then remember waking up on a hard white bed. I saw a few cages in the room with small animals in it (squirrels, rabbits etc...) They came to me and took my wrist in their hand again, and once again I felt something crawl up my arm then dig inside of the cut. Once again I heard murmers in another language then it sounded like they said it inside of my head but a soft voice whispered "We're taking you home" Then there I was back in my yard my book laying next to me open and a cut on my palm that was no longer bleeding. When I looked up at the sky, I discovered that it was almost daylight.

Since this event (almost a year ago) the person has experienced a sensitivity to bright lights and a feeling of being "disconnected" on occasions.

Just 4 months ago the person also woke up one day with a "heart shaped" burn on the hand, but this caused no pain.

There appears to have been no sighting of any UFO, but it does resemble other abductions in many ways.

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