Residents of Fort Resolution Report UFO Sightings
UFO Tuesday, August 29, 2006 10:32 AM CT-CBC News

There's something strange in the sky above Fort Resolution in the Northwest Territories. Over the years, residents of the South Slave community have reported a number of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. There's no obvious explanation for them.

Cynthia Cardinal, a Fort Resolution resident, narrates a video she took two weeks ago.

"You'll see there's lights shooting out the side of it," she says. "And then you'll see the camera get fuzzy a bit." About two weeks ago as Cardinal readied for bed, her husband rushed her out to the back step.

" 'Look at this light,' he says, 'there's a light flashing out there' I looked, and I said wow!"

According to Cardinal, the light flashed red, white and blue and hovered above the ground about as high as an airplane. Cardinal's husband is a trapper, so he didn't recognize the lights as stars or aurora borealis, or Northern lights.

It's not the first time residents of Fort Resolution spotted strange things in the sky.

In the late 1990s, three military men visited the home of Jayne Miersch Lafferty, saying they wanted her husband's video of an unexplained light. Lafferty says the officers said they had to take the tape and "they would get back to us what they seen on the tape."

But, Lafferty never heard from the men again. The next thing she knew, the video was on the Internet.

Cynthia Cardinal says she hasn't contacted authorities about her recent sighting.

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